Hair chelate. Is it the best method to have silky smooth and beautiful hair?


Your hair is weak, damaged and dull, even though you use the best cosmetics? Perhaps the condition of the hairstyle was worsened by hard and polluted tap water. Fortunately, there is a simple way that your hair will regain a beautiful and healthy look. It’s hair chelating. What is it about?

What effect does hard water have on the hair?

Hard water has a negative effect on the hair and scalp. It contains high mineral content including calcium, magnesium and other metal ions; sometimes there are impurities in it. Washing hair with hard water leads to drying, weakening and loss of natural glow. The ends begin to split, the hair can fall out and dandruff may appear on the scalp. What’s more, hard water might not rinse shampoos, conditioners and masks good enough. The easiest solution would be to put a filter on the tap. However, if you are a real hair follower, you can get your hair chelated.

What is hair chelate?

Hair chelate strips the hair of all product and hard water residue. It has nothing to do with colour, but what it does, it that it removes build-up from products and everyday oil and dirt that gets into the hair. You get your hair chelated with the use of a shampoo and conditioner with the content of Tetrasodium EDTA or Disodium EDTA. Both these substances bind sediments and rinse from the surface of the hair. To achieve even better results, you can use coconut oil for two hours before the procedure. Then, the hair will be thoroughly cleansed, polished and softened. Their ends will not split, and styling your hairstyle will be easy and pleasant.

Are there any other methods of dry and damaged hair care?

Yes, of course! If you did not like cheating or you were not satisfied with the results, you can try out other regenerating cosmetics. They will be a perfect complement to a basic hair care routine. I think that moisturizing hair masks or conditioners will work well after each hair wash. Try homemade remedies dedicated to the strands and scalp. The most popular homemade method is to use a mask of egg yolks, olive oil and vitamin A (in drops). Cobine all ingredients, apply to your hair and leave in for several minutes. After the desired period of time, the mask should be thoroughly rinsed. Effects? Hair will be smoothed, polished and conditioned.

Do you like getting your hair chelated? What do you do to make your hair look amazing? Let me know your thoughts on it!

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