Effect of Stress on Skin: How Can You Remedy Your Complexion?

Do you ever get stressed out? The recent months of a pandemic showed us that even people who are always laid-back start to feel anxious. It’s common knowledge that stress affects the entire body, including skin, hair, nails. The skin is the first to react to strong stress we go through. What’s the result? Wrinkles, dark spots, broken capillaries, and even acne breakouts… generally not[…]

What should you do with beauty products you don’t use? Don’t throw them out!

Hi everyone! On this beautiful, sunny and optimistic day I decided to write a post, presenting you some ideas for giving a second life to the beauty products you don’t want to use, for some reason. I’m well-aware of the fact that a cosmetic may not satisfy your needs fully because for example it was a gift, or just a bad buy. Sometimes it happens[…]

How do I care for my lips? Three best ways to get the super-smooth lips!

In the wintertime my dry, chapped lips suffer the most. Their condition is surely the worst in this chilly season of the year. Over the years, I’ve found a few ways to repair the skin and get the desired super-smooth lips. Keep reading! 🙂 Looking at feedback from you, I know that chapped, dry lips are very common. Before revealing my treatments for lovely lips,[…]

Scalp lotion to rescue weak hair. My fave 2 scalp lotions!

Is your hair getting weak and thinning out? Doesn’t it want to grow longer? You should think about trying some scalp lotions – cosmetics destined for special tasks. Today I’ll tell you why using them will help you have longer hair and combat excessive hair loss. Scalp lotions. Basic info Scalp lotions are watery products that owe its powers to naturally-derived substances. A good scalp[…]