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Hydrating Algae Hair Conditioner by Nanoil: Review and Test

The best hydrating conditioner for dry hair? I’m sure many of you keep searching… You often complain about extremely dry hair that can’t be moisturized with any product. I used to have the same problem after summer. I was shocked to see my hair suffering because of the sunlight and sea water. The air-con didn’t make it any better either…In the fall, my hair was[…]

best heat procetant spray nanoil

WOW! Nanoil Doesn’t Stop Blowing My Mind! New Heat Protectant Is Out Now!

Hi! Protecting hair from high temps have always seemed to me as a crucial issue. And even though I tested numerous products that promised to shield my hair from all the bad things that heat styling brings, there was always something wrong with them. Some made my hair awfully stiff, some would leave me with a flat hairstyle, and others again contributed to the oily[…]

What to Use for Protecting Hair from Heat? Check Out My TOP PICKS for Heat Styling

Hair which is often heat styled, blow-dried or straightened tends to dry out, split and break. Why? High temperatures are to be blamed. Let me share the most effective way – actually a product – to protect your locks with. Enjoy reading! I want to start the post off with a key thing. I really don’t like people saying that heat styling leaves hair damaged[…]

Scalp conditioners: Tricks to make them work better and faster

Hello! Undoubtedly, scalp conditioners are an incredibly good solution if you experience problems with hair and/or scalp. You can buy them in a drugstore or pharmacy, and even make them on your own. Scalp conditioners contain natural ingredients, they are easy to apply, can be used by everyone regardless of their hair and scalp type. But what should you do if your scalp conditioner doesn’t[…]

Do you know it all about micellar shampoo? Effect, qualities, use

I guess we know it all about micellar water. What about micellar shampoo? If it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, read on and learn the essentials. You’ll unravel the must-know: its properties, effects and usage. What is micellar shampoo? The micellar shampoo effect goes on natural ingredients and special cleansing agents – micelles. They are formulated without artificial substances that are likely to[…]