Don’t break down! What are the best remedies for brittle nails?

Nails have no easy life… We keep exposing them to damage. They are threatened by more things than merely mechanical damage. Why do nails break? How to keep nails and cuticles healthy? Don’t break down! Read on to see my ways of keeping hands, nails and cuticles in shape. What causes nail breakage? We are often aware that the reason why our nails break is[…]

Scalp conditioners: Tricks to make them work better and faster

Hello! Undoubtedly, scalp conditioners are an incredibly good solution if you experience problems with hair and/or scalp. You can buy them in a drugstore or pharmacy, and even make them on your own. Scalp conditioners contain natural ingredients, they are easy to apply, can be used by everyone regardless of their hair and scalp type. But what should you do if your scalp conditioner doesn’t[…]

Do you know it all about micellar shampoo? Effect, qualities, use

I guess we know it all about micellar water. What about micellar shampoo? If it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, read on and learn the essentials. You’ll unravel the must-know: its properties, effects and usage. What is micellar shampoo? The micellar shampoo effect goes on natural ingredients and special cleansing agents – micelles. They are formulated without artificial substances that are likely to[…]