Skin Benefits of Vitamin C: Frequently Asked Questions & REVIEWS of Best Face Serums

I get many questions about the face care products I use every day. Many of you ask about vitamin C and I’m happy to hear that because it’s one of the coolest ingredients for our skin. You also wonder which vitamin C serum to choose for the best results. Today I answer the frequently asked questions about ascorbic acid and review the best face serums[…]

Anti-Redness Face Serums’ Test – Check the Best Items!

Hey! If you’re looking for a good anti-redness face serum, I’ve got a round-up of the coolest items that I’ve used so far. They get high ratings and sell out quickly! How to choose best of the best for rosacea-prone skin? I’ve made it. Read on! Redness and broken capillaries on the face. What things should you avoid? Delicate, reactive skin doesn’t get along with[…]

Game-Changing Exotic Ingredients for Younger, Plumper and Smoother Face!

Do you like natural cosmetics that are free from synthetics? Are you big on plant-based skincare solutions? Now there’s a craze for eco-friendly products rich in exotic ingredients derived from plants growing in South America and Asia. Have you come across plant retinol or dragon’s blood in skincare treatments? Read about them in today’s post. 1. PLANT-DERIVED RETINOL It turns out that there is a[…]

Effect of Stress on Skin: How Can You Remedy Your Complexion?

Do you ever get stressed out? The recent months of a pandemic showed us that even people who are always laid-back start to feel anxious. It’s common knowledge that stress affects the entire body, including skin, hair, nails. The skin is the first to react to strong stress we go through. What’s the result? Wrinkles, dark spots, broken capillaries, and even acne breakouts… generally not[…]