Scalp conditioners: Tricks to make them work better and faster


Undoubtedly, scalp conditioners are an incredibly good solution if you experience problems with hair and/or scalp. You can buy them in a drugstore or pharmacy, and even make them on your own. Scalp conditioners contain natural ingredients, they are easy to apply, can be used by everyone regardless of their hair and scalp type. But what should you do if your scalp conditioner doesn’t work the way you expect it to? Follow a few simple tricks that I’m going to present below.

Essential oil for hair

Essential oils are found perfect to treat both scalp and hair. You can add them to natural oils and lotions. Still, it must be realized that not every essential oil accelerates hair growth. The most beneficial essential oils to speed up hair growth are: cinnamon oil, mint oi and ginger oil. The action of these essential oils focuses on:

  • boosting blood flow;
  • supplying skin of head with oxygen;
  • delivering nutrients to hair bulbs;
  • accelerating hair growth;
  • improving absorption of scalp conditioner.

The essential oils that I’ve enumerated above can be matched to your hair porosity level. Remember though to always run a patch test before enriching your scalp conditioner with an essential oil. Apply your boosted scalp conditioner to hair line and wait at least 24 hours. If you don’t spot any allergic reaction, you can use the scalp conditioner freely.

Herbs and additions to scalp conditioners

If you only want to, you can enhance your scalp conditioner effects by combining it with herbal extracts, spices or vegetable/fruit juice. Still, be aware of the fact that such mixtures doesn’t have to work better than the readymade products available in a drugstore or pharmacy. However, it’s worth experimenting on this field a little bit and selecting substances that serve your hair and scalp best. For example, you can choose from:

  • ginger juice applied together with scalp conditioner;
  • onion juice that (sadly) leaves characteristic aroma on scalp and hair;
  • powdered cinnamon that stimulates blood flow;
  • nettle juice which can be used as both scalp conditioner and hair rinse;
  • mustard powder which can be combined with scalp conditioner.

Scalp massage

This is probably the best thing you can offer to your scalp and hair. Massaging scalp while applying scalp conditioner doesn’t only accelerate its absorption but also it will bring you many other benefits. To demonstrate, you will become more relaxed, your blood flow will increase, hair bulbs will be supplied with more nutrients. Also, your hair will become significantly prettier, stronger and healthier.

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