3 Best Makeup Removing Oils. Blackheads & Waterproof Makeup Slayers!

Do you know some good-quality oils for removing makeup and cleansing the face skin? The ones that let you get rid of impurities and leave the skin without irritations? I do and present my faves in this category.

At first, I would like to tell you about cleansing face skin with oils. The method became popular when a Korean beauty care guidebook was published. Using natural oils in facial skin care (even oily and problematic skin!) is one of the secrets of Asian women. Oils are definitely worth giving a chance!

Why use oils for face cleansing?

Natural oils:

  • remove the excess of sebum, makeup and other impurities,
  • strengthen the natural hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis,
  • condition the skin thanks to vitamins and nutrients,
  • are very delicate for the skin and work in a natural way.

Cleansing face with an oil is the first step in the two-stage face cleansing used by the fans of the Korean face care routine in 10 steps.

Read on to meet the best makeup remover oils (the choice is very subjective!)

NUXE Micellar Cleansing Oil with Rose Petals

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Oil with Rose Petals is my favorite among cleansing oils. It combines safflower oil and rose oil extract. Not only does it smell amazing but also removes the most waterproof makeup. The cosmetic is suitable for sensitive skin (my type) because it gently cleanses.

RESIBO Oil Makeup Remover

Resibo Oil Makeup Remover is my second choice in a daily skin care. It works great for all skin types so I can recommend it to all of you. The cosmetic includes an oil of seven vitamins – avocado oil that strengthens the skin lipid barrier and effectively protects it. The product is great at removing sebum and impurities.

ERBORIAN Black Cleansing Oil

Erborian Cleansing Oil is my last proposition. It contains a lot of activated charcoal which means it excellently removes makeup, sebum and dust as well as blackheads. Despite the content of charcoal, the product is very mild, restores bounce, adds radiance and cleanses very well.

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