Sephora Pretty Kisses – Lip balms packed in a kissable trio

I love the sets of triple lip balms by Sephora and this is how I got tempted by Sephora Pretty Kisses set. I invite you to read my review to learn interesting (I hope) information about this product 🙂

PRETTY KISSES is a set of lip balms Kiss Me but in an updated version. They do both, take care of lips and colour them. By buying one package we get three small lip balms of very girlish shades. Here they are:

1. Kiss Me Balm 02 Cotton Candy
Delicate, powdery pink – perfect for work, morning meeting, to school or a meeting with your friends.

2. Kiss Me Balm 06 Soda Pop
Violet, plum shade – great for evening, elegant make-up, to a rock concert or another date.

3. Kiss Me Balm 13 Sweet Lover
Intensive pink (colour that only Sephora has the exclusive sale) – the best for the first date, an important meeting or a family gathering.

This limited edition has been designed by Sephora fairly recently and it has already managed to win hearts of many women. What do we love Trio de mini Kiss Me Balm for?

I adore this lip balm trio by Sephora because:

  • the balms have creamy formula which perfectly adjusts to the lips,
  • their fragrance is charming, wonderful and addictive,
  • the colour range is perfect for each part of a day,
  • they go with very handy, oval-shaped packages that are very convenient to use.

My opinion:

These are very easy-to-use lip balms. Their size enables to store them even in a small handbag (but on the other hand, it’s easy to lost the lip balm). We get the set of colours that are very feminine and complement one another. The balms are easy to apply since their oval shape helps the lips to glide on the product without any obstacles. Once treated with one of the lip balms, lip skin becomes silky smooth and gains a vivid shade. Still, it isn’t an intensively colourizing product but rather a cosmetic that gifts lips with an interesting shade. Naturally, if somebody isn’t a supporter of pink, she can reach of other ‘eggs’ from Sephora Kiss Me series, which are available separately. This set Pretty Kisses of Sephora’s is dedicated to women who like delicate make-up of romantic version combined with the effective lip care.

Sephora Pretty Kisses lip balms are not the first 3-item sets that the perfumery has launched. There are also available, among others, Super Kisses set or The Mini Kisses set.

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