How do I take care of my scalp and hair? A few easy tips for every girl


I decided to devote more time and attention to my hair and scalp care. I was reading, observing, testing, checking. I chose the best hair products and most effective ways for taking good care of my scalp. Although I’m not an expert, I’ll share with you a few interesting hair care tips.

If you want to boost your hair growth and keep the scalp healthy, you must follow a few rules. I’ve tried them all and recommend them to every woman who desires to take great care of her hair and all those who begin their adventure with scalp care. To enjoy beautiful hair…


Eat healthily. When you eat natural products, you provide your body with vitamins and micronutrients. They influence the condition of your scalp and hairdo, and have a positive impact on the whole body. You must eat fruit and vegetables every day. Feel free to enrich your diet with supplements. If you give your body nutrients, your skin and hair will look spectacular.

Hydrate your body. You should drink at least one litre of water every day. In this way, you’ll moisturise your skin ad hair. You’ll prevent hair thinning, split hair ends and dry scalp. What’s more, the body skin won’t be exposed to harmful free radicals. Wrinkles won’t be your problem.

Use moisturising products. Hydrating your body inside isn’t enough. If you really dream of beautiful hairdo and healthy scalp, apply moisturising cosmetics. You may as well try out a few hair salon techniques. L.O.C. method might work for you.

Take care of your hair ends. Split hair tips don’t look good and reflect the poor condition of the whole body. Hair ends are more prone to damage, impurities and improper care. Cosmetics that are good at protecting hair ends: oils, cosmetic butter, silk, products with hair-friendly silicones. Putting hair in braids, buns is a great solution.

Wash your hair (seriously). You should cleanse the scalp the way you wash your body skin. That’s why you need scrubs and products that dissolve sebum and dead skin cells. Don’t use hot water when you wash your head because you can disturb the work of sebaceous glands and speed up oiliness of the scalp. Effect? Dandruff and thinning. After every hair wash, you should rinse it with cold water to close skin pores and cuticle scales.


Heat style your hair. Water and keratin disappear from hair due to heat. As a result, hair gets dull, dry and coarse. It gets damaged very quickly, falls out, hair ends split. Coloring brings similar results. Ammonia (included in hair dyes) makes hair dry, leads to hair breakage and brittleness while brushing.

Brush your hair too often. Improper brushing can lead to falling out, damaged and weak hair. You should choose hairbrushes made from natural materials e.g. wood or boar bristle. Brush your hair in a gentle way to avoid pulling it out. Be careful when you must handle tangled strands.

Sleep with your hair loose. In this way, you’ll avoid tangling. What’s more, your hair won’t scrunch or catch on the buttons of bed sheets. Use smooth satin or cotton sheets to avoid hair damage. Don’t sleep with wet hair. Often wash your bed sheets to remove bacteria and allergens that could proliferate.

Style your hair regularly. When you tie, brush or braid your hair, it gets weaker. You scrunch, pull your strands while styling even the simplest hairdos. In this way, you damage your hair and cause oily scalp. If your hair’s problematic, wear it loose or make a regular ponytail.

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