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Sugar scrub: how to do it? is it worth it? Homemade recipes!

Everything you should know about scrubs!

I am crazy about cleansing my face with the use of various products. I love to use them all over my body and to the face. That is why I have tested hundreds of exfoliating products. You can read about my experience with scrubs in other posts.

Today, I’d like to tell you whether it is worth using scrubs, how to do them correctly, and the homemade methods for sugar scrubs. 

How does a sugar scrub work?

First of all, it is a perfect exfoliating product which is why I truly recommend including it in your daily care. Exfoliating dead skin cells at least once a week will allow you to forget about rough skin. Keep in mind that a well-made scrub:

  • cleanses the skin of impurities, sebum, make-up (on the face),
  • accelerates the exfoliation of keratinized, dead epidermis,
  • ensures smoothness, softness and adds glow.

Who are scrubs recommended for?

Sugar scrub is ideal for anyone who wants to take care of the condition of their skin, smooth it and enhance its appearance. Of course, you need to select the size of the peeling grains (sugar), appropriately to the needs and sensitivity of your skin. It’s easier to tell the contraindications for using peels. This is not a good method for acne skin. In this case, scrubs can spread bacteria over the entire face causing acne and exacerbating the problem. Do not use peels also when our skin is maximum hypersensitive and easy to irritate. In any other case, feel free to do it.

How to do a sugar scrub?

Sugar scrub used correctly brings relief to our skin, removes impurities, sebum and dead epidermis. It brings only benefits for our skin. After several skin peels, you will notice that your face becomes healthy, radiant and silky smooth.

Here are the most important rules for using sugar scrubs:

Do not use it too often (do it at most once a week).

  • for face use only delicate scrubs with smaller particles,
  • exfoliate your skin gently massaging to prevent irritation or damaging the epidermis,
  • if you fell that some sugar scrub is not suitable for you, simply stop using it.

Homemade sugar scrub is a natural and cheap solution. You can trust me, I learnt that many times – it is as effective as the purchased one. Anyone can do it, and preparing it on the basis of your favourite natural oil will provide your skin not only with thorough exfoliation but also with in-depth nourishment at the same time. Homemade sugar scrub is my favourite skin care routine. For my body, I use brown sugar (white sugar is not healthy even for skin) and Coconut oil. I’d recommend using Almond oil and finely ground sugar for a much more delicate skin. Effects? Brilliant!

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