Discolorations after summer? Remove them in autumn

Hello Girls,

Spots, moles and pigmentation marks are just a few remnants of the summer. If you lack ideas on how to remove them from the skin, you’re going to find several practical hints right here, in my post. Which method is going to appear as the best for you? Find out!

How do discolorations develop?

In short, they appear when our skin is exposed to a huge dosage of ultraviolet radiation. The most dangerous though are the beams which manage to penetrate to the lowest skin layers; these are called UVA radiation. What they tend to do is distort the processes of pigmentation and cause accelerated photo-ageing; they can even cause cancer. Moreover, pigmentation marks are also encouraged by: hormone level fluctuations, contraception pills intake as well as taking other hormonal medications, pregnancy and application of some cosmetics. Finally, age has also a massive influence on discolouration development. The most prone to such skin imperfections are women after after 35 and 50.

Chemical peelings

These are the most popular treatments which are known for dealing with discolorations. In short, while exfoliating the ‘overcoating’ of epidermis, discolorations, marks and other stains are removed along with it. Moreover, thanks to this procedure, minor wrinkles are removed as the skin suppleness is improved. In general, this beauty procedure includes application of moisturising and highlighting products containing retinol, vitamin C or fruit extracts.

Laser therapy

Undoubtedly, it’s a very effective and popular method of discolouration removal. How does laser work? Deep inside the skin it emits light that affects melanin leading to imperfection brightening. This method is safe for all skin types and delivers satisfying effects in a relatively short time, and that’s an undisputed advantage of this procedure. In general, we distinguish two types of laser. The first is fractional laser that makes use of light and, the second, which is light and radiofrequency combined together. Owning to laser therapy, you will obtain more than just remove discolorations. Actually, you will also have the wrinkles smoothed, your skin will become more supple as it is highly possible for acne to vanish.

Have you already chosen the method of discolouration removal?

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