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Hair SOS | How Has Nanoil Made Over My Hair Care Routine?

There are different hair problems…

My hair is greasy and lacks volume. Choosing the right hair care routine is the biggest problem: even the lightest cosmetics may weigh it down. Short haircut (my hairdresser’s tip) or using only rinse-out products doesn’t help either.

What is your hair like?

I guess that many of you have the same problem I do. Among hundreds of available shampoos, conditioners, masks, ampules – you’re confused. That is why searching for perfect cosmetics is like playing the sapper – you never know if a choice you make is going to cause a disaster.

Labels on cosmetics are really problematic, too… For fine hair, damaged ends, anti-dandruff, growth-stimulating… What if you have all these problems?

We tend to focus on problems instead of examining the cause. Why is my hair splitting? Why is it oily? Why do I have dandruff? In the post, I’d like to tell you about a product which has revolutionized my hair care beliefs! Let me explain.

Learn the porosity of your hair

Porosity? What is it? Nope – it isn’t another hair problem. Still, it depends on its level. Too high or too low porosity may spell trouble.

Hair porosity defines its structure so every hair type has some porosity. There are three types: low, medium and high porosity. Quite a logical division. A low porosity means that the external layer of hair cuticles is tightly bound and non-porous. A high porosity (just the opposite) is the sign of extremely damaged hair which features a disturbed structure, open cuticles and lack of inner protection. You must be guessing that medium porosity hair is somewhere in between.

Hair structure – telling if the hair scales are slightly or highly open – determines its condition. If the porosity is too high, you may have problems with the right hair care routine.

How do I know my type of hair porosity?

It was thanks to Nanoil – the revolutionary product I’ve mentioned above. Nanoil hair oils are the first and probably the only products that go along with the hair porosity. The composition of each version is in tune with one of three porosity types. You can easily match them to your needs. On the website, you can check their benefits and problems each product solves out.

If you’re not sure… do a hair porosity test! I knew my hair porosity without the test, though. It’s low porosity. You simply feel it.

nanoil hair oil low porosity review


The first ones to go with the hair structure!

Nanoil hair oils have caused a stir on the hair care market. No brand has ever taken such an educational stand. It teaches women how to read the needs of their hair, its structure and why one hair care routine works and the other one doesn’t. I guess that was why I got tempted to buy the product and test it.

I’ve been using Nanoil for low porosity hair for two months. Do you want to know how it works on my hair?

I’ve fallen in love with the aroma – it is so untypical that you won’t mix it up with any other scent. I simply can’t stop smelling it. Even though the product is full of oils, it isn’t as thick and sticky as some oils can be. In Nanoil for low porosity hair, there are as many as nine oils + additional conditioning and hair growth-stimulating ingredients.

The moment I saw INCI Nanoil I was positively surprised. No parabens, no silicones, no alcohols. Only natural ingredients and substances which precisely answer the needs of strands. Hair care lovers must be big on this product.

My Nanoil version contains:

  • Pine Oil – preventing hair loss
  • Coconut Oil – sun protection
  • Argan Oil – heat protection
  • Castor Oil – a hair-growth boost
  • Shea Butter – locking moisture in
  • Maracuja Oil – anti-aging properties
  • Babassu Oil – easy brushing
  • Monoi Oil – adding softness and elasticity
  • Cupuacu Butter – reducing static

Wow! To be honest, the oils themselves are the source of everything that my hair needs – restoring the proper function of the scalp, easy styling, protection. These aren’t the only ingredients of Nanoil for low porosity hair. Apart from the oils, it includes:

  • Pro-vitamin B5 (Panthenol)
  • Hair-growth substances
  • Vitamins A and E
  • UV filter

There’s one thing I must point up. Nanoil is a product that can be applied to both hair and scalp which is rare. It doesn’t include any substances which could cause scalp irritation. It’s all-natural. After applying, it leaves my hair silky smooth and velvety soft. Washing it off hair is trouble-free. One bottle lasts super long! I think I could keep listing Nanoil benefits.

nanoil hair oil on my hair test before and after

How do I use it?

On the official website, there’s a step-by-step instruction for the best Nanoil application. Spreading it on damp hair, waiting for at least one hour and washing it off precisely is the most beneficial technique. I apply it in the evening and leave in for the night because I always wash my hair in the morning. To me, such an overnight hair oil treatment gives the best results. The oil is so lightweight that it works for the blow-dry and styling routine after washing – provided it’s applied in minimum amounts. It’s the matter of a reasonable use.

To me, Nanoil hair oil is a revolution. If you also want to revolutionize your hair care, go to the official website

27 Comments “Hair SOS | How Has Nanoil Made Over My Hair Care Routine?”

  1. Viola

    They really seem to be the one of a kind cosmetics for hair care. So far, I have never seen anything designed to a particular type of hair

  2. Irmine

    A very useful article I didn’t know that an oil can prevent hair and scalp oiliness not to mention add volume! I always thought that oils are only for extremely dry hair

  3. Mon88

    After a few hair oiling treatments my hair looks gorgeous

  4. Aggie

    This hair porosity test available on the nanoil website helped me determine my hair type! I thoroughky recommend it!

  5. Issy_26

    I’m also using this oil for two months now and I can see a significant difference. I no longer have troubles with my scalp and the hair does not get oily so quickly as it was before applying the oil

    • gret_g

      It worked really well for me. My hair used to be completely lifeless. Every hairdo lasted only abut an hour after styling. Right now, the hair is easier to style and the hairstyle lasts throughout the entire day.

  6. Carolina

    I was not impressed by hair oiling. I tried it but it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll give it another try in the future:)

  7. Alexxxa

    I am a big fan of hair oiling and recommend it to everyone. A proper oil can work wonders! 🙂

  8. Asi@

    I am very happy with the fact that my hair has finally stopped falling out.Before I started using this oil, I had a whole range of other cosmetics, such as shampoos, scalp lotions, etc. I they ever worked it was only temporarily

  9. Iness

    At the moment, I started using moroccan oil and I am very surious what the effect will be like

  10. Natalie

    This division of hair porosity is indeed a great idea. I’ve never heard of anything like that before

  11. Katy

    From the oils that are in the composition, I use coconut and castor

    • Evelyn

      Oil blends are more effective than individual oils

  12. Maddie

    I think I’ll give it a shot! :)))

  13. honey

    as far as I’m concearned, this oil is a great product

  14. Kylie

    I’ve never applied oils to my hair but this post encouraged me to do so :))

  15. Veronica

    I haven’t used this oil yet but I will consider it once my kerastase is finished

  16. Alice

    To be honest, I wasn’t convinced when it comes to this method of hair care but once I tried it out, it turned out to be the best one ever! There’s nothing more effective

  17. Emma

    I’m very eager to test out this oil ^^

  18. Izzy32

    I apply coconut oil but I haven’t noticed any results. My hair is heavy, flat and I think there’s nothing I can do about it.

    • Beatrice

      You should try out nanoil and you’ll see how it works. I used to have heavy and flat hair too and no products were able to help it

  19. Dorothy

    This oil work for me as well

  20. Margaret

    I have been using nanoil for the past few days so it’s not long enough to make any judgements but I can see that the hair is beautiful and veeery soft to the touch :)) <3

  21. AgnesS

    I like amla the most. I love what it does to my hair

  22. elle

    I have never even tried hair oiling

  23. mary

    I just started my journey with hair oiling and I know which oil I’ll go for 😉

  24. ann26

    I love hair oiling! I kind of neglected it recently but I want to be doing it again!


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