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Charcoal hair as a new trend in hair coloring. What is it all about?

I hope that again I’ll be your first (and the best) source of information when it comes to beauty novelties. Today I’m coming to you with something more toned, which I personally find as a great alternative to all the rainbow hair that has been so popular recently. Instagram’s #rainbowhair is already passé. Nowadays, all the social media are conquered by…


You can find the trend on Instagram by typing #charcoalhair. I encourage all of you who are dying to see new inspirations to browse social media and find out how this charcoal hair looks like. It can be found in many bloggers’ and regular women’s profiles from all around the world – the pictures of charcoal hair are almost everywhere. Enter a few blogs or trending Instagram profiles 😉 It’s the Internet that constitutes the main source of information concerning hair coloring trends.

Charcoal hair. What type of hair is it?

You’re reading my entry and probably wonder: OK, but how this charcoal hair looks like in particular? I’m going to describe the hair in the simplest way I possibly can 😉

Charcoal hair isn’t just all black!

This is an inspiring combination of greyness and deep black. Contrary to what you may expect, charcoal hair technique isn’t only about adding a few grey-shaded strands to pitch black hair. Naturally, we need super black hair here but it’s combined with at least a few shades of grey and ash as it is enriched with a fair and silver hues. As a result, charcoal hair has slightly metallic finish which shimmers with every headshake we do.

charcoal hair = hair in the shade of dry charcoal

The key to successful hair coloring are the dyes we use. If the hues are applied in the wrong way or if we use the dye that doesn’t match, well, this can end up badly. Indeed, charcoal hair can make us look younger and add some kind of freshness to our appearance, despite its toned shades, unless we turn ourselves in an unskillful hairdresser hands. Incompetently applied dyes may make us look a few years older, unfortunately.

Have I decided to get charcoal hair done?

Although I come to you with all the hair trends, I don’t always use my head to present them to you. Simply, I don’t think that every hair trend suits me, my face and my style, in general. When it comes to charcoal hair, I have to tell you that I’m almost convinced that I want my strands to look this way, yet there is one issue I’m trying to resolve; the issue I mentioned above. Namely, I’m looking for a hair stylist who will turn my hair into charcoal in a professional way.

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