Is Erborian Kit Bamboo Worth Buying?

Hello, girls!

Today, a quick test of a mini set of skin care products. It’s Erborian Kit Bamboo that includes a facial cream, matte lotion and mask. Such sets are great when you don’t know a brand yet want to try out its products. You will know the effects they deliver and if they satisfy the needs of your skin.

#1 Bamboo Creme Frappee

This stimulating facial cream comes in a 15 ml tube. It leaves the skin fresh and full of vitality. Its lightweight formula is instantly absorbed. Effect? The skin is moisturised, soft and smooth. You apply the cream to facial skin in the morning and evening or as a makeup base. It includes a nourishing bamboo extract and bamboo juice.

#2 Bamboo Matte Lotion

It’s a mattifying toner designed for normal skin, prone to oiliness. The cosmetic moisturises, absorbs sebum excess and cleanses the skin pores. It makes the skin fresh, healthy and supple. Apply the lotion in the morning and evening before other skincare products. Remember to shake the bottle before every use. The product is composed of bamboo extract, allantoin, rice extract and diospyros kaki leaf extract. It comes in a 30 ml bottle.

#3 Bamboo Shot Mask

The sheet mask has hydrating, refreshing and smoothing properties. Thanks to natural ingredients, it provides the skin with lots of nutrients. You apply the mask to cleansed and dry skin. After 15 minutes, take it off and tap the rest of the product into the skin. The mask is made up of bamboo extract, ophipogon japonicus root extract and hyaluronic acid.

If you want to test a new cosmetic, buy its mini version. It will be much easier to make the right choice. 

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