Night-time skincare and the cosmetics you should use

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The night is a crucial time for our organism. It’s not just because it’s sleep time, but also because then the skin regenerates. That is why it’s smart to use cosmetics dedicated especially for the night-time routine which can help your skin. What do I use and what are the benefits for my skin?

Why is sleep so important?

At night skin cells regenerate and rest after the day when they have been subjected to the harmful external factors. If you wish to help them with it, you should learn more about chronobiology. It is a science researching the processes and changes in our body which occur along with times of the day or year. According to scientists, between 24 and 4 in the morning cell division is faster. What is more, in the night-time skin barrier is weaker but it means that the components from cosmetics are able to be better absorbed.

My night-time skincare routine

The skincare before going to sleep that I follow has a few steps:

  1. Makeup removal – base for every night routine. To remove all makeup and dirt will allow the skin to function properly and regenerate.
  2. Toner – it normalizes the pH of your skin and prepares it for the next steps in the night-time routine. Remember to always tap it in instead of rubbing in.
  3. Essence or serum – consists of a high concentration of nutrients that have a beneficial impact on the skin throughout the night. It is best to use it on cleansed and toner treated skin.
  4. Eye cream – it is a step no one should ever skip. The cream is necessary to moisturize, tone and lighten this part of the face. Always choose the dermatologically and ophthalmologists tested products.
  5. Face cream – apply it after the eye cream. Use cosmetics recommended for a nigh-time routine and matching your skin type. These should contain antioxidants, collagen, retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and natural oils.

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