DIY Face Cleansing Powder for Super-Clear Complexion

Do you know how to clean your face effectively and budget-friendly? You can try a new arrival: a face cleansing powder. Such products can be pricey so I’ve got a superb treat for you! A recipe for a DIY face cleansing powder. It will take you a few minutes to make it, plus it’s budget and skin-friendly.

Benefits of homemade face cleansing powder

  • vegan and eco-friendl
  • easy on the pocket
  • non-stop fresh (mix it with water right before use)
  • can be used as a facial mask

My homemade powder is based on oatmeal, which softens and moisturizes the skin, plus soothes irritations, and cosmetic white clay which focuses on clearing the skin of excess oil and smoothing it gently. In my recipe ( you can find it below) I add Moroccan Ghassoul clay to intensify the cleansing and strengthening effect of my powder. Enriching the formula with a favorite essential oil is a great idea if you like scented cosmetics. A cleansing powder is one-size-fits-all: it works perfectly for sensitive, dry and allergy-prone skin, but also helps if you struggle with acne or broken capillaries. Thanks to a big amount of white clay the powder clears the complexion and easily removes mineral make-up.

Recipe for a mild face cleansing powder


  • 30 ml of oatmeal (if you like blend some rolled oats with a blender instead)
  • 25 ml of white or pink clay
  • 5 ml of ghassoul clay (it is optional but remember that it has a brilliant cleansing effect)
  • Around 5 drops of essential oils so that the powder smells lovely and has an aromatherapeutic effect

How to make a face cleansing powder?

Mix oatmeal with clays in a clean and dry container – remember it should be made from glass or china, and use a wooden or plastic spoon. Otherwise the clay loses its properties.

Pour the clay and a few drops of essential oil into a clean and dry jar (it’s important to avoid clumping!). Close the jar tightly and shake it a few times to combine the ingredients. Your cleansing powder is suitable for use for around 6 months.

Which essential oils are best to use in a face cleansing powder?

Of course you can use any scents you like but it’s also great to pay attention to the properties of oils. Add lavender oil which fights free radicals and soothes the skin or tea tree oil if your skin easily breaks out. Mint and orange oils are brilliant as they relieve the skin and have a freshening effect, stimulating your senses in the morning.

Let me know if you managed to do the powder and how it works for you.

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