Water Drinking: How Does It Affect Our Skin & Good Looks?

We keep hearing that water is essential to our health and nice appearance, and we should drink around eight glasses per day. What we don’t know is in what way water drinking affects our skin, hair or mood. What are the benefits exactly? I’m about to tell you! 🙂

What makes water so big?

First things first. Water makes up around 70% of the human body. It is present in each body cell and of course there’s a reason for that: it has an important role to play. Most of all, it maintains the optimal body temperature, takes part in metabolism and digestion, enhances functioning of internal organs. Removing toxins and other harmful substances is another key function of water. How does it all affect our health and beauty?

What happens to our body when it lacks water?

Generally speaking: bad things happen because the body’s functioning is disturbed. This is what it leads to:

  • slower metabolism, which may result in indigestion
  • headache, bad mood, concentration problems
  • drop in electrolytes, tiredness, blood system disorders

It doesn’t sound good, does it? Obviously, our skin, and generally our good looks suffer because of many negative effects of insufficient water intake. The body has too little water so it starts storing it, which leads to swelling – you probably heard about water retention. To make things worse, lymph and toxins build up in the body giving us cellulite. The skin is dehydrated, limp, lacks elasticity and ages prematurely. Hair is dull, coarse, brittle while nails break and split. Simply put: not good! Remember that around 90% of skin hydration is obtained through drinking water. We need to maintain its level by doing it regularly.

Effects of poorly-moisturized skin

Check if your skin is optimally hydrated and if you drink enough water. If there’s insufficient amount of water:

  • the skin burns, itches and feels tight
  • it is extremely dry or even peeling
  • it lacks elasticity and firmness
  • you have dark circles under the eyes
  • redness and inflammation are common
  • you suffer from acne (yes, this may be the symptom of dehydration!)

Does water make us lose weight?

It is a very common question. Does water have a slimming effect? If you’ve ever been on a diet, you probably heard that drinking lots of water is advised. Saying that water makes us lose weight is a bit far-fetched but water does speed up the metabolism. In other words, it stimulates the digestive system so we digest faster. What’s more, water reduces appetite and, contrary to fruit juices, it isn’t high in calories. Drinking water and exercising intensify burning of fat tissue and clears our body of toxins. Nothing but benefits! Do you drink water regularly? Remember that highly mineralized water is the most beneficial.

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