Scalp lotion to rescue weak hair. My fave 2 scalp lotions!

Is your hair getting weak and thinning out? Doesn’t it want to grow longer? You should think about trying some scalp lotions – cosmetics destined for special tasks. Today I’ll tell you why using them will help you have longer hair and combat excessive hair loss.

Scalp lotions. Basic info

Scalp lotions are watery products that owe its powers to naturally-derived substances. A good scalp lotion is a combination of herbal extracts that are supposed to penetrate the scalp to stimulate circulation, promote hair growth, hence get you fuller-looking and better-looking hair. And to me this is exactly what you can expect from a scalp lotion to give you. Although some people may find the application a little bit demanding, because the product may run down the scalp in an uncontrolled way, you shouldn’t be discouraged from using them because this happens only when you get a product that doesn’t come with an atomizer or dropper, which is rare.

Benefits of scalp lotions

  1. Firstly, reach for them if you want to speed up and promote hair growth.
  2. Use scalp lotion if your hair falls out uncontrollably, and also when it’s thin and weak.
  3. Scalp lotions make a perfect solution for color-treated or bleached hair. Please note that some scalp lotions may change the color of blonde hair.
  4. If your hair is delicate, frizzy and brittle by its nature, applying a lotion to the scalp will get you stronger strands.
  5. Scalp lotions deal with oily hair without causing dryness to the scalp. Actually, they moisturize the skin on the head.
  6. Additionally, scalp lotions prevent inflammation and irritations.
  7. Since the correct application requires you to do a short massage, using scalp lotions boost circulation in the scalp.

Best scalp lotions

Although scalp lotions brim with positive features and have many benefits for hair, it’s hard to find them in regular drugstores. Luckily, this isn’t an obstacle! What do we have access to the internet for, right? There are many e-shops offering scalp lotions, such as Herbaria – a Hungarian scalp lotion. When you read the list of ingredients, you will see that it contains a horseradish extract (it strengthens, stimulates and nourishes the follicles), juniper extract and marjoram extract. This Hungarian scalp lotion made my hair grow faster and strengthen weak strands. Another scalp lotion that I’d like to recommend is the product offered by Babushka Agafia – I just love this cosmetic! I think I wouldn’t exaggerate when saying that it works like an active hair serum promoting hair growth. Marsh mallow extract maintains hydration levels, five-flavor berry extract balances the pH of the skin and calms down oily glands. This product brims with herbal extracts, the formula is awesomely rich so it handles various hair problems, such as baldness and hair loss.

Do you like using scalp lotions? Do you have your favorite ones? Let me know in the comments!

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