How does self-tanning cream work? My fav skin bronzing cosmetics

Girls like bronze colour 😉 The majority of women love having their body sun-kissed. However, what should be done if the spring and the beginning of the summer is cloudy? A decent self-tanning cream is my proposition here. But use it wisely!

How to use a self-tanning cream? This is one of my favourite products I use at the beginning of each summer. In fact, I start applying the cosmetic a few days before the time for short skirts and dresses begins. I feel uncomfortable with white legs and I bet you understand me totally.

If you use a self-tanning cream, remember:

  • not to buy the cheapest one since it’s highly possible it’ll leave uneven suntan,
  • it’s the number of oil substances that counts, not the amount of tanning substances,
  • to exfoliate dead epidermis cells before applying the cosmetic,
  • the saturation of the colour depends on the amount of the cosmetic used and the number of applications.

By my experience, I can tell you that a high quality self-tanning cream costs a little bit more but this investment pays off. Cheaper cosmetics of bronzing action tend to leave unsightly smudges no matter how strong the effort we put into distributing the product evenly. Additionally, cheaper self-tanning creams are likely to colour skin orange which makes the final effect look unnatural and artificial. After all, we look for a product that will help our body skin imitate the real sun tan, right?

The best self-tanning creams are (in my opinion):

  • Dove DermaSpa, Summer Revived
  • Fabulous Self Tan Mousse Medium Vita Liberata
  • Saint Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Here comes the 100-point question. Does anyone know, how a self-tanning cream works?

I could do the quiz but I’m afraid that majority of you wouldn’t know the answer. Have you ever wondered how a regular self-tanning cream works? If matched to the body, a self-tanning cream will do the job so there is no need in getting bogged downy by the way the product works. I’ve also heard that some people believe a self-tanning cream to be a kind of a body tint therefore you can’t get into water right after applying it. Nonsense!

A self-tanning cream is a cosmetic product that gifts skin with a brownish shade thanks to an active substance (DHA) which comes into chemical reaction with amino acids in the corneum. It colours skin after 1-2 hours since application. This is the reason why you shouldn’t get into water since the product might become washed down partly. Also, the cosmetic might have not receive enough time to get absorbed where it’s supposed to. What is important, the effect of suntan vanishes along with the natural process of skin exfoliation.

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