How to cleanse skin pores? A few useful tricks

Hello Girls,

Enlarged skin pores, blackheads and comedos can make your head turn round. They blemish your face, impede applying make-up, put you in bad mood. Luckily, I know simple ways thanks to which you will cleanse your skin pores and make your complexion flawless.

Peeling and face cleansing

These are the best ways to clean your skin pores. Application of coarse grained peelings and good make-up removers produces truly good results. Remember to choose only such products that match your skin type. Furthermore, always remove the colour cosmetics before going to sleep, and treat your face with peeling twice a week. Additionally, do your best to find a product (peeling and make-up removing lotion) featuring skin cleansing processes and removing toxins from the inside of your organism.

Sylicid acids

Cosmetics with its content are the best allies for the people with dull face. Sylicid acids (beta-hydroxy acids, BHA) is recommended for oily skin, combination skin, acne skin and blackhead-prone skin. How does it work? It cleanses the epidermis, accelerates regeneration and eases removing dead cells from face surface. Therefore, I recommend you to cleanse your skin using it once a day, and then follow with a normalising cream.

Herbal facial steam

Before you proceed with cleansing your face manually, go for herbal facial steam. Take a bowl with hot water and put there a handful of herbs (for example, chamomile, pansy, sage). Lean over the bowl and put a towel on the back of your head. The steam dilates skin pores which, naturally, facilitate cleansing them. Basically, a warm shower of sauna works similarly. Remember that when you finish the procedure, it’s recommended to cool down the complexion so as to make the skin pores get back to their normal form.

Chemical peelings

Not only do they cleanse skin pores but also remove blackheads. Chemical peelings exfoliate dead epidermis cells, light discolorations up, reduce visibility of wrinkles and make skin supple again. They are recommended to all skin types. What’s important to mention here, such treatments should be undergone during autumn and winter only. If I were to recommend you something, I would say that the best effects are produced by a treatment that consists of a few series (one-month interval between them).

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