My under eye skincare HIT by The Ordinary

It looks like the eye drops you can buy at a local pharmacy. It contains caffeine and green tea extract. What is more, it works best after was first cooled down. Women all over the world love it. Allow me to introduce to you: THE ORDINARY CAFFEINE SOLUTION ♥

With pure pleasure, I can proclaim that The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG is my favourite of the passing month. I am almost sure that it will stay this way for months to come, because I will never give it away, ever. Why this serum from the multitude of eye serums? Read my review below.

First impression

Here I must say that The Ordinary Caffeine Solution has no good first impression. It is a miracle that I wasn’t scared away by this medicine bottle with a pipette. I like cosmetics that look pretty and have some luxury to it. Nonetheless, I am fully capable of moving past the dark glass bottle with white label, because the action of this cosmetic is incredible!

How to use The Ordinary serum?

Use it as every eye serum, i.e. tap it in the skin around eyes. It is best to do it in the morning and in the evening so that product has intense action and provide the noticeable improvement. I encourage you to perform gentle massage in the eyes’ area because then the skin is more relaxed.

Trick. Caffeine Solution cooled in the fridge will immediately eliminate fatigue sings.

What is the action of The Ordinary Caffeine Solution?

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG:

  • limits dark circles and bags under eyes,
  • eliminates stress and fatigue symptoms,
  • hydrates nourish and make skin elastic.

The action of eye serum with caffeine and green tea is an effect of concentrated and very simple composition free from alcohol, silicone, paraben and animal ingredients. However, there are few vegetable extracts, for example, common polypody, exotic fungus, soy and peat moss. It is all complemented with hyaluronic acid, urea and caffeine with stimulating action (also in the external use). Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

My opinion:

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution absorbs immediately after application and leaves skin firm. Cooled serum provides relief to the skin around eyes and eliminates bags. After its application, skin is very soft and full of glow. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG is a perfect replacement for an eye cream for people who suffer from dark circles around eyes and minor wrinkles. There is no irritation to skin, so it can be used even when you have sensitive skin (as I have!). In my opinion, this caffeine serum is irreplaceable both to prevent wrinkles and as a product to minimise first visible ageing signs. I highly recommend it!

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