Homemade methods for pigmentations. Take care of your skin


You surely can agree that pigmentation is a nightmare of thousands of women. There is little effective methods to get rid of those uninvited skin changes, but oh-so-many factors that may cause them. For several weeks now I battle them to have even and smooth skin and today I will share my methods with you. 🙂

No. 1 Know your enemy

What is pigmentation? It is none else but disruptions in the work of melanocyte responsible for the skin complexion and the tan. The result is unwanted changes, like dark spots on the skin, minor freckles, etc. Usually, it does not look good.

The most common reasons for pigmentations:

  • frequent exposure to solar radiation,
  • hormonal fluctuations, e.g. pregnancy,
  • skin ageing,
  • adrenal insufficiency or hyperthyroidism.

No. 2 Let the battle begin

Once you know a bit about pigmentations, you can fight them. First thing is to limit aforementioned factors, of course when it’s possible. However, this may not be enough when the dark spots are already on your face. Then, you should try homemade methods for pigmentations — all tested by me.

# lemon juice

Large amounts of vitamin C contained in lemon juice is great to remove pigmentations and lighten skin. Squeeze half of the lemon and systematically rub those skin areas with pigmentations.

# plain yoghurt

Sour milk that you can find in the yoghurt, buttermilk or bonny clabber is a source of lactic acid with exfoliating and cleansing properties. Thanks to those products, the skin will become smooth and have even skin complexion.

# honey

It has intense antioxidant and cleansing properties, so you should consider adding it to the face masks. Natural honey is great with pigmentations, but you have to use it few times a week for a longer period of time.

# olive oil

Vegetable oils (not only olive oil but this is the easiest to get) contain a lot of vitamin E, that can effectively lighten pigmentations. Skim face with a cotton pad soaked with olive oil every evening.

# grated horseradish

The last proposition is horseradish that will work not only for people with less sensitivity to the smell. It cleanses and lightens skin. Grated horseradish use as a face mask at least twice a week for few weeks.

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