Dinoplatz, Twisty Tail Mascara. Can this bending brush deal with short lashes?

We all know that procedures we treat our skin with have to match our dermis and the problems it deals with. This requires an individual approach to skin care. But what about the mascara? The issue here is alike, and I came around it many times while working with make-up. Although it may surprise you, the truth is only one.

A mascara has to feature a brush that adjusts its shape and size to our eyelashes. It’s obvious that we all have different eyelashes so there are various care techniques required.

If we want our lashes to be voluminous and curled, we need to take care of them in a comprehensive way. A decent mascara is a must if you want to gift your eyelashes with the perfect length and define the shape of your eyes. Not only is the formula important, but also the brush and how it adjusts itself to the eyelashes. I love the silicone wands but up till now I had difficulties with finding a mascara that features a perfect brush. It changed when I came across Too Cool For School mascara.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara

This is the only such a mascara with a brush that can change its shape so as to help us have in the hands a personalized product. This ergonomic package and the applicator Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara was designed in such a way that thanks to just one product we can obtain various effects as we have the opportunity to adjust the cosmetic to our eyelashes. How to do it?

Hey brush, bend yourself!

Too Cool For School mascara from Dinoplatz series features an applicator which can bend. This feature is owned to the knob located on the bottom of the package. Obviously, it’s integrated with the brush. In this way, we can bend the applicator so as to adjust it to our needs. We can select three brush positions:

  1. a straight brush for a basic make-up,
  2. a slightly bent brush for eyelash curl,
  3. a maximally bent brush for the precise make-up.

Effective ending

I find this solution as a very innovative approach to make-up. Mascara Too Cool For School Twisty Tail gives the effect of perfectly extended, curled and neatly separated lashes. To be honest, there is nothing to moan about although I know formulas that deliver more spectacular effects. Anyway, the producer focused on the easiness of use and a one-of-a-kind applicator.

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