A few words on how NOT to use some hair cosmetics

Hey women,

I can imagine that your first thought concerning this post is “Sorry, but nobody has to tell me how I’m supposed to use a mousse or hair spray.” You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life, do you? 😉

However, let me tell you something.

The idea for this entry came from the fact that recently I’ve seen many people wearing really weird hairdos – which in my opinion is the effect of unskilful hair styling cosmetics use. I don’t know what’s the reason behind this ‘trend’… maybe lack of time in the morning, rush, or too much of a trust placed into a particular cosmetic. Anyway, I’m here to help you and rescue your hair. Let me show you a guide where I discuss the methods according to which hair styling products SHOULDN’T be applied.

  1. MOUSSE – a cool cosmetic. Tames, fixes and disciplines hair without overburdening it. What’s interesting, decent mousses have hair care features and can nourish strands. However, mousses need to be applied skilfully, and the best way to do it is by distributing the product with the use of a comb of widely arranged teeth. Otherwise, your strands might get clumped together, become stiff and web-like remotely resembling something that was supposed to be a hairdo.
  2. HAIR SPRAY – the greatest styling traitor which can be hair’s downfall. This unintended effect is obtained by spraying too much of the product or applying a hair spray by keeping the bottle too close to the strands and head. The outcome: stiff strands that have nothing in common with natural and good-looking hair.
  3. DRY SHAMPOO – stay away from distributing too much of it! These talc stains are visible the moment applied to (especially) dark hair and, unfortunately, these don’t add charm to the hairdo. Hair that puts off with grey stains make us look fatigued and overwhelmed. Shake the bottle with a dry shampoo and spray it keeping a distance between the package and the head. Next, massage the product thoroughly and set the hair as usual. Remember to remove the excess of talc by, for example, rubbing a dry towel against the hair when the stain is visible.

The last piece of advice for you. Remember that every cosmetic will simply cause more harm than good if used in galore.

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