How Do I Keep My Face Smooth & Radiant? Step-By-Step Evening Skin Care Routine

Hey, girls!

Today, I’ll reveal a little secret and tell you about the never-let-me-down method for a smooth and radiant face. As you’ll see, it’s nothing hard. You can follow such skin care routine at home.

Cleaning Face

I begin every-evening skin care routine with removing makeup and cleaning my face. I wipe skin with a toner for acne-prone complexion and remove makeup products at the same time. If I feel tightness, I use a moisturising liquid. When I’m sure all cosmetics, sebum, dirt and dust are gone, I rinse skin with tepid water. I never skip these steps and never go to sleep with makeup on. Why? If I didn’t take it off, I bet I would see pimples and blackheads on my face the next morning.

Washing Face

I use a chemist’s product with natural components. It’s my beloved Physiogel. Thanks to the rich and creamy consistency, it effectively moisturises and soothes my skin. Although it doesn’t lather much, it is great at washing face and removes everything that the toner and makeup remover didn’t deal with. From time to time, I use a green clay soap – I apply a thick layer and wait until it hardens. The soap works as an excellent mask as it purifies pores, restores natural pH and has anti-bacterial properties.

Skin Exfoliation

That’s my favorite part of the evening beauty routine. I use sugar, salt or oats. After choosing one of the products, I add honey, lemon juice, essential oils or herbal infusions. My DIY cosmetic delivers incredible results – makes face smooth, removes impurities from the pores, brightens minor pigmentation spots and even smooths fine lines.


After using the scrub, I always apply a moisturiser. My favorite one contains birch extract, has thick consistency yet it’s easy to apply and absorbs quickly. It’s safe for sensitive skin, has been dermatologically tested and has no comedogenic qualities.

What’s your evening skin care routine? Do you have some tried & tested methods to enjoy beautiful skin? 

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