I forgo make-up! What happened to my skin?


Some time ago I gave up on the make-up altogether and focused on the skincare fit for its needs. Therefore, I no longer use any make-up cosmetics or products dedicated to their removal. What happened to my skin during the time? Was quitting make-up a good thing or has it worsen my appearance?

The skin is sort of healthier

Once I gave up on make-up, my skin became prettier and appeared healthier. I think that the greatest importance holds the fact that I do not use some of the substances so commonly used in make-up products as well as the fact that my skin is not covered by the layers and layers of heavy cosmetics. Along with regular use of make-up I had to deal with occasional pimples and whole lot blackheads. However, once there is no make-up anymore, all the imperfections are long gone. Now, my skin is smooth and looks a few years younger.

Sleeping longer in the morning

Let’s be honest, make-up takes from few to several minutes which you could dedicate to something else. If you’re curious as to how much time you spend in front of the mirror, just take the time you spend on make-up and multiply it by the number of days you had to put it on. You’ll be as surprised as I was. Now that I forgo make-up, I can sleep longer, eat a bigger breakfast or go for a bit longer walk with my dog.

I accepted my appearance

Make-up is usually used to hide our skin imperfections. Then no pimples, discolorations or dark circles are visible. When there is no make-up, it all comes to light. Thanks to the fact that I gave up make-up, I got to know my skin imperfections, accepted them and learned to eliminate them. The result? Most of the blackheads are gone, pimples rarely appear and dark circles become less apparent.

Next level self-confidence

Lack of make-up allows building greater self-confidence and allows you life where you are true to yourself. Many women claim that make-up makes them feel beautiful and attractive. I learned my beauty once I gave up make-up and stopped taking peeks in the mirror to check whether my mascara is smudged.

Would you dare to forgo make-up?

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