How to Keep the Young Looks?


Supple and radiant skin without any wrinkles… It stays in the dream zone for many girls. What about you? Does your face look ten years younger than it is? If not, let me give you a few hints for enjoying a youthful and amazing-looking skin!

Age & the Sun

With the passing time, your skin gets more and more wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Collagen fibers get weaker, the face shape changes. We spot a double chin and drooping eyelids. The face skin gets a sallow shade and looks fatigued and neglected. Dark circles and puffy eyes start be bothering.

The sunlight is largely responsible for the occurrence of wrinkles and discolored skin. The UV radiation makes the skin dry, speeds up photo-aging and damages the walls of blood vessels. If you don’t sunbath too much, you’ll gift the body with vitamin D and won’t expose the skin to destruction.

Young skin longer

You can get skin rejuvenation in a few ways. Different face parts need filling-in (tear trough – around-eye wrinkles) or lifting and tightening (drooping lids and loose skin). Botox, platelet-rich plasma or fractional laser work great. Microneedle radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid or non-invasive face lift deliver incredible effects, too.

When to begin the anti-aging treatment?

The magic 30 is the last moment. This is the time we usually see first fine lines, discoloration and other imperfections. Use moisturisers and nutrient-rich serums and visit a beauty salon once a month. Mature women should think of the advanced skincare and rejuvenation methods. Home products are no longer enough.

What are your ways for keeping the young looks?

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