How to Choose Good Facial Serum? My Tips & Observations

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I think there’s no girl who has never used a facial serum. This excellent cosmetic works for all skin types. It contains lots of natural ingredients, delivers wonderful effects and is very durable. If you still don’t have your favourite face serum, read on to get some tips and find the best one.


Choose the ones that will take the best care of your skin. Dry skin requires intensive moisturising, protection, brightening and anti-ageing. The serum should have a thick formula that manages to fix damages in the lipid layer. If you have combination skin, pick a lightweight cosmetic. It must match both oily T zone and dry or normal skin on cheeks. Oily and acne-prone skin needs professional care. Products should control the work of sebaceous glands, reduce shine and soothe inflammation.


Serum aims at specific skin problems. Thanks to concentrated ingredients, it easily tackles wrinkles, pigmentation spots, acne breakouts, dry skin and other blemishes. Serums rich in antioxidants and moisturising substances are worth choosing; they delay ageing. As you see, serum is a cosmetic must-have.


Contrary to appearances, natural and organic cosmetics are completely different. Natural products include plant and mineral extracts that are slightly processed. Organic cosmetics contain substances that undergo strict tests and – depending on the results – receive certificates. That’s why you must read the labels that inform about the environmental friendliness of a product.


Choose the ones with natural composition. Avoid serums with parabens, lanolin, paraffin, mineral oils, SLS, PEG, PPG, fragrances and colourants. Such substances block skin pores and don’t let skin work in a proper way. The worst thing is they can settle in some glands and organs (liver, kidneys, lymph glands). Can you imagine what diseases might the substances cause? Neither can I. And I think I don’t want to.

Do you use a facial serum? If so, what’s your favourite brand? 

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