Body balm with gold – the marvel that turns you into a goddess!

Body balm with gold, or with shimmering particles, can make your skin look way better in a matter of seconds. It’s an indisputable king of skincare. Cream CC is for the face and for the body there is body balm with gold. Guys, today I’ll tell you all about why you should use it.

Body balm with gold – the favorite of all women

Have you ever wondered why all actresses and models have such flawless skin that looks almost doll-like? It’s all thanks to body balm with gold! Particles of gold coat the skin making it gain stunning glow. They reflect the light so they optically make skin smoother and younger-looking because the glow hides all the wrinkles and furrows.

Why are body balms with gold particles so popular? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking here about some balm with golden glitter. No, no such thing. It’s no random body balm. Body balm with gold is an entirely different thing. It has a texture of highlighter but is lighter and after applied to the skin, it does not mess the clothes and does not flake. It’s a cosmetic that boosts natural tan while providing skin with a gentle glow. Body balm with gold is perfect for all seasons of the year but looks especially stunning in the summer on tanned skin.

Body balm with gold – why should you use it?

Darlings, you need to try it to believe it 🙂
Body balm with gold is not just about the precious oils in which the shimmering particles are submerged, but also about lots of conditioning ingredients. The oil alone makes skin look moisturized, smooth, and glowing and when enriched with golden specks the skin looks flawless. Just perfect. The skin is full of a radiant glow, is smooth and devoid of wrinkles and imperfections. Your skin is highlighted, healthy, and glowing. The balm makes you look like a goddess!

How to choose the right body balm with gold?

You need to know that body balm with gold particles is available in various variants. Many of them have gel texture and often happen to have cooling and calming action on the skin that was exposed to the sun for too long. This type of product is best for the summer but can be used all year. The cooling action is perfect, e.g. post-workout when the muscles are tense and require cool down.

Other body balms with gold apart from highlight are also intended to gently darken the skin. They work better than self-tanning cream because the texture is light-weight so they spread easier and are safe – you can use it without worry that you get stains or it’s applied unevenly.

Body balm with gold should have nice composition, it needs to absorb fast, cannot leave a greasy layer and most of all it cannot mess clothes. It works similar to dry body oil. The gold particles should hold for a long time. The best option is when those stay on until the next shower.

When choosing body balm with gold take into consideration how those gold particles look like. The smaller those are the more subtle is gold dust and the more natural it will look on the skin.
It is best to check a few products on the skin before you decide to get one – just spread some of it on the hand to check the effect and stickiness (the skin may be sticky after the use of the balm). Remember also that the least preservatives there are in the composition, the better for the skin.

Body balm and oils with gold – which one should you choose?

Obviously, I have my own list of best oils with gold, so forestall your questions about which I recommend. There are not many of them but they are really good and leave your skin in great condition. The products are:

  • Monoi de Tahiti Yves Rocher – it’s a fragrance of summer and tropical destination and absorbs great and leaves no greasy layer. Its efficient, subtle, perfect for big occasions, and day to day use.
  • Nuxe oil with shimmer – it’s a classic that you probably heard of. It obviously costs more than Monoi by Yves Rocher but if I was to choose one then Nuxe would be it. The glowing skin effect after Nuxe cannot be compared to anything!
  • Dive, Derma Spa, Goddess – very effective oil with intense glow effect but contains really small gold particles so the effect is natural and the skin looks beautiful – it’s nourished, moisturized, and glowing and smells great.

Do you know any oils or body balms with gold that are suitable for daily skincare? Let me know!

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