charcoal dye

Charcoal hair as a new trend in hair coloring. What is it all about?

I hope that again I’ll be your first (and the best) source of information when it comes to beauty novelties. Today I’m coming to you with something more toned, which I personally find as a great alternative to all the rainbow hair that has been so popular recently. Instagram’s #rainbowhair is already passé. Nowadays, all the social media are conquered by… CHARCOAL HAIR! You can[…]

Sniff, sniff! A few words about fragrances

Hello there, If you like scents, gloss phials, fruit and flowery aromas, then let me encourage you to read the following article. Today, I’m going to share my thoughts concerning perfumes and the art of choosing them. Maybe most of you find this aspect far from being important, but matching a fragrance with pH of skin is a tough nut to crack; without mentioning matching[…]

3 Best Makeup Removing Oils. Blackheads & Waterproof Makeup Slayers!

Do you know some good-quality oils for removing makeup and cleansing the face skin? The ones that let you get rid of impurities and leave the skin without irritations? I do and present my faves in this category. At first, I would like to tell you about cleansing face skin with oils. The method became popular when a Korean beauty care guidebook was published. Using[…]

How does self-tanning cream work? My fav skin bronzing cosmetics

Girls like bronze colour 😉 The majority of women love having their body sun-kissed. However, what should be done if the spring and the beginning of the summer is cloudy? A decent self-tanning cream is my proposition here. But use it wisely! How to use a self-tanning cream? This is one of my favourite products I use at the beginning of each summer. In fact,[…]