Guidebook. How to distinguish natural cosmetics?

I caught myself making a mistake when referring to natural cosmetics when they are not natural. Until very recently, I had a little knowledge about the distinction between natural and organic products. It turns out that the difference between them is significant, so it is worth getting to know it in detail. Today I am going to be your guide on cosmetic nuances. Natural or organic? […]

Hygge-Inspired Lifestyle. Does It Work For Me?

Hi, girls! Today, the topic gets a bit serious but also practical. Danish hygge philosophy of life is getting more popular thanks to one book. Voracious readers should go to a library whereas girls interested in beauty – stay and read on! Hygge-Inspired Beauty Care Hygge skin care should be nice and relaxing. It lets you soothe tired skin and relax your soul. How to[…]

Home body wrapping. Skin care step by step

Hi girls! Sumer is coming therefore I feel obliged to write a post concerning body shaping. Today, you’re going to read about home body wrapping. I bet you’re well-acquainted with this procedure, at least from beauty parlours. Fortunately, you can undergo the similar treatment without leaving your home. Just collect the appropriate cosmetics and items. You’ll need: a regular food foil, peeling and a body[…]