Snail slime’s features. My way of dealing with acne, wrinkles and discolorations

In this entry you’re going to read about snail slime. How does it work? Why is it a substance present in cosmetics beloved by women from all over the world (except vegans, OFC)? Recently, I’ve read a lot on this subject and I came up to one conclusion – snail slime is marvellous and irreparable! Let me you explain why! :):)

Snail slime resembles gel. It’s secreted by glands located in snail’s arthropod legs. Why do a snail need the slime for? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant for this little creature if the legs weren’t so slimy (joke)? Firstly, slime makes it easier for a snail to move along various, often uneven surfaces. Also, fairly important for any regular snail are the regenerative features of slime which constantly rebuilds all damages that appear on the little snail leg while moving.

Identical features are delivered to human skin, that’s why this substance is so willingly used for skin care purposes. In cosmetics this is the Mediterranean snail slime that is used. The snails are bred on special farms just to obtain the very precious conditioning substance. Indeed, beauty products containing snail slime are definitely a real hit of the recent years. As usually, it all began in Asia and after a while it was spread all around the world.

How were features of snail slime recognized? This substance was already known in the ancient times – Greeks used it as a medication. However, the first researches on this substance were carried out way later. It was due to a Chilean family that had a farm of edible snails. The youngest of the sons got interested in the fact that their parents have constantly and incredibly soft hands, and the minor wounds and cuts his parents had healed up faster than it was typical for other people. It turned out that was the effect of working with snails for many long years.

Snail slime is a truly precious active substance which amazes many researches with its balance. It features many valued in cosmetics ingredients which, indeed, are present in many beauty products, yet in their synthetic form.

What does snail slime contain?

  • Allantoin – a substance of highly moisturising, reinforcing and soothing inflammation action; it accelerates skin regeneration processes thanks to which it is able to reduce visibility of post-acne marks, scars, stretch marks and even cellulite; it’s also speeds up wound-healing processes and softens epidermis.
  • Glycolic Acid – a substance of nourishing features which effectively delays skin ageing processes, smooths, removes dead epidermis cells and cleanses; it can regulate sebum secretion because it narrows outlets of sebaceous glands.
  • Polysaccharides – a special variety of a substance which reliefs irritations and counteracts skin allergies; together with other anti-age substances it is able to make skin more elastic, gifts it with resilience and, of course, improves moisturisation.
  • Collagen and Elasticin – substances that probably don’t have to be introduced to anybody because are ones of the most popular ingredients of anti-age action; they decrease visibility of fine lines, adds firmness to skin and makes it more elastic.
  • Vitamins A+C+E – nourishing substances, often named as ‘the vitamins of life’ because of their marvellous nourishing and regenerative action; they support cell self-renewal processes, reinforce, counteract skin-ageing processes and offer anti-free radical action.

Snail slime action delivered to skin

All of the above-mentioned mean that an inconspicuous snail is able to give us an impressive amount of essential in everyday care substances. No wonder why detailed and specific researches on snail slime confirmed that this substance:

  •  nourishes, protects, moisturises and regenerates,
  •  works anti-ageing,
  •  supports collagen fibres synthesis,
  •  relieves inflammations,
  •  increases skin elasticity level,
  •  accelerates dead epidermis exfoliation,
  •  acts antiseptic minimizing acne,
  •  highlights discolorations.

How to use snail slime extract in everyday skin care?

It’s simple. It can be directly applied to skin so as to provide it with immediate regeneration and visible rejuvenation. Snail slime works on damaged collagen by helping to create new collagen fibres; so in other words, it makes skin more elastic. Moreover, it serves all skin types equally good, even the ones suffering from acne or allergies. Unfortunately, pure snail slime is hard to obtain, unless you get your own snail and let it sport on our face, hahaha.

Another way is to choose cosmetics containing snail slime. And this is the very option I recommend especially because the present-day products containing snail slime extracts are really easy-accessible and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. From my experience, I can recommend, for example, Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment, which is a kind of a gel treatment featuring, of course, snail slime. This is my favourite Korean cosmetic which in 30% is made of snail slime and works just great when it comes to conditioning not only face skin but also body skin. A brilliant cosmetic!

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