How to make your face look slimmer? Blusher & Bronzer for Face Contouring

Hello Girls,

Undoubtedly, Face Contouring is trendy nowadays. Owning to applying regular cosmetics, you can make your face look slimmer or bring out particular face parts. In most cases, this kind of make-up requires using concealers. However, today I’m going to show you how to carry out Face Contouring procedure with the aid of a bronzer and a blusher.

Why contour your face for?

Face Contouring (also known as Face Shaping) can help you minimalize some face parts, the ones you don’t like, as well as bring out the parts which you consider as your assets. Pretty look and awesome make-up will put you in a good mood whereas the right application of a bluster and a bronzer will gift your face with the 3D effect. What are the basic rules of Face Contouring? In short, bronzer’s task is to define face shape and camouflage its drawbacks. Moreover, this cosmetic is able to make particular face parts slimmer, extend or smaller. When it comes to blusher, it gifts skin with radiance, and, of course, you can correct your face shape with it.

Which shade of bronzer to choose?

Certainly, it depends on your tan and complexion shade. The colour of the bronzer should be just one or two tones darker than your complexion. Too pale will make you look sick, too dark will make you look older. It’s worth remembering that blonde girls look good with bronzers of apricot shades and cocoa pigments. Brown-haired women should apply products of maroon colours featuring sparkling particles. When it comes to brunettes, basically they can go with products of any shade. Finally, bronzers of golden shades are perfect for ginger women.

Which shade of blusher to choose?

Firstly, take a closer look at your natural blushers. It is their shade you should match the cosmetic to. If your complexion is pale, choose pastel blushers with either orange or peachy tones. Is your skin dusky? Then go for apricot-shaded blusher. Women, who have got olive-like complexion should give a try to cosmetics of warm, copperish tones.

How to apply bronzer and a blusher?

The first and the most important rule is putting on these two products in scarce. For your daily make-up, use a blusher only, but if you plan to spend your evening outside, mix the cosmetic with a bronzer. Moreover, if the colour cosmetics are either in their liquid or cream form, you can apply them using your fingertips; when in the loose or pressed form, you need to use a puffy brush. Bronzer has to be applied below cheek bones, and a blusher has to be put on the apples of the cheeks. Remember to blend these two cosmetics; you can’t leave your face skin with smudges and unsightly marks on.

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