Reprintic – Tattoo aftercare lotion. Is it worth it?

Welcome ladies and gents!

Today, we have an unusual subject cause it’ll be about tattoos.

Not everyone has them and not everyone likes them.

As it happens my man does have tattoos and let’s be honest — he’s obsessed with it. Basically, we both are 😉

I love his tattoos and I never really had any idea that tattoos require special care because otherwise the colours will fade and skin in the area of tattoo can suffer from dryness. Until recently, all owners of tattoos were moisturising tattoos with petroleum jelly, oils or creams such as Nivea, but it was not a solution enough to protect colourful tattoos against fading.

Lately, while searching the Internet, I came across Reprintic. According to the manufacturer, it is expected to hydrate and take care of skin with a tattoo, it is intended to refresh colours and ensure tattoos with expressive appearance. It contains UV filter, so protects tattoo against the sun. Reprintic has 100 ml volume and is quite effective — obviously depending on how many tattoos you have and how large those are.

Another great quality of Reprintic is that beside tattoo care (it is able to restore colour to the faded tattoos), it also takes care of permanent make-up. Thanks to it, the pigment in skin treated with permanent make-up does not fade but is refreshed constantly.

I decided to buy Reprintic for my man. His tattoo has a few years now and lost its colours, so I was curious whether those can be enhanced with this product.
The result? After a week, we have observed a significant improvement in the tattoo and skin appearance. Colours became more expressive and entire tattoo “gained power”. I saw how impressed he was with the effect and I knew that it was the best present I could give him.

Reprintic contains one unique component, i.e. Croton Lechlei extract also called “dragon blood” — it is the ingredient that takes such a good care of skin and tattoo colours while — great news for ladies with permanent make-up — stimulating collagen and elastin, so has anti-ageing properties. Other precious ingredients that take care of skin are natural oils: linseed, monoi, rose. These smooth out and deeply regenerate skin while providing hydration.

I recommend it to all of you who wish to preserve your tattoo in the best shape.

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