Let’s meet our sworn enemy. Types of wrinkles and how to fight them back

Absolutely, I don’t have got any issues with my age. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m eager to say ‘no’ to another anti-age face mask sold as a special offer, haha. Also, it doesn’t mean that I can’t post an entry that belongs to Mature Skin Problems series. An entry like today’s, which, I hope, you will find interesting and useful.

The task, which is taking care of mature skin, is a nasty fight against many difficulties. Mostly, it means dealing with all possible types of wrinkles which appear out of nowhere and, to make the matter even worse, it’s really demanding to get rid of them. Therefore, if we truly want to eliminate fine lines, we have to know our enemy! For that reason, I’m going to describe types of wrinkles.

Somebody once said that ‘wrinkles are externalizing of aging processes that occur in organism as well as the image of our experiences.’ Ok, fine, but what if we don’t want to show these images to the others? Fortunately, if we know what wrinkles are and what are the best methods of dealing with all the signs of ageing, we are on the winning position.

You know what? It’s terribly unfair that the first wrinkles appear already between 25 and 30, when we’ve just managed to fight back acne and problems with greasy skin. And here comes another skin problem. Or maybe there is nothing to worry about?


Below you’re going to find answers to these two questions:

  1. What types of wrinkles are distinguished?
  2. How do wrinkles develop?

I’m going to make use of information found on specialised websites. I hope, I won’t bore you to death, haha.

Laughter lines (a.k.a. dynamic wrinkles) – these develop as a result of face muscles movements, when we talk, laugh, moan, etc. As it is not hard to predict, these are strictly connected with our face expressions. Laughter lines are the first to appear on our face, we can notice them around 25. Most frequently, they are visible near nose and lips, around eyes and on the forehead. I also have some of laughter lines myself, but, actually, I consider them cute. Fine crow’s lines add charm since, I’m sure you will agree with me, perfectly smooth face doesn’t look natural.

Sun tanning wrinkles – you should beware these wrinkles most because they appear as a consequence of overexposing our skin to the damaging action of the sun. I don’t have these because I protect my skin from the sun using sunscreens, which I recommend to all of you. Of course, sun tanning wrinkles develop, as the name speaks for itself, after tanning, no matter if on the beach or in a solarium. Frequently, this kind of wrinkles are accompanied with discolorations.

Sleep wrinkles – these are skin deformations which develop while, surprise surprise, sleeping. They usually disappear a few moments after waking up and getting up from bed. Also, face massaging accelerates their vanishing. Unfortunately, with age our skin loses this feature of being elastic and, one day, sleep wrinkles can stay with us for good.

Gravitational wrinkles – the worst ones, which appear due to natural process of ageing. Basically, this is the type of wrinkles women fear most because they are really hard to get rid of once they develop. In this case, I suggest ‘prevention’ because only due to early and regular skin moisturisation and stimulating of collagen production (due to massage, for example) we can shield ourselves against gravitational wrinkles.

That’s not all I wanted to tell you about the subject of fine lines. We define wrinkles by the place of their appearance, as well.

  • Vertical and horizontal lines – connected with facial expressions.
  • Lion’s furrow – a single, vertical wrinkle running between eyebrows.
  • Crow’s feet – well-known wrinkles surrounding eyes.
  • Smoker’s wrinkles – vertical furrows located on the upper lip and around mouth.
  • Marionette mouth wrinkles – vertical furrows running from the corners of lips downwards.
  • Venus lines – horizontal furrows located on neck.

In closing, I would like to write a few of my thoughts here. How to prevent wrinkles? I’ve got my own tested methods that delay signs of ageing, most of which are connected with limiting the damaging factors. A face without wrinkles is just a well-moisturised face, therefore, it’s worth drinking a lot of water and apply cosmetics that replenish skin with hydration. I personally avoid solarium and excessive exposition of my skin to the sun. Also, I apply sunscreens and glasses that shield my eye skin area. Moreover, I try to massage my face frequently (remember to use your favourite oil of anti-age features, such as sweet almond oil), so as to encourage skin regeneration processes. Unfortunately, I have to admit that it’s hard for me to find time to keep massaging my face on the regular basis. Anyway, I wholeheartedly encourage you to massage your face as often as you only can! This technique really work wonders.

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