How to Care for Hand Skin in Autumn&Winter? Tested Products & Treatments


They give your age away and reveal your beauty care routine. Hottest nail polish, well-kept cuticles and moisturised skin show you care for your hands. How are you going to take care of them in autumn and winter? Find a few tried and tested hacks in the post.

What harms your hands?

There are lots of things, that’s for sure. They ‘lurk’ both at home and outside. Let’s begin with home cleaning. Detergents, which you use for cleaning the bath, sink, cooker or dusting, irritate the epidermis and trigger irritation. Mis-matched products or cutting nails and cuticles wrongly are bad, too. If you’re not careful enough, you can be bothered by serious diseases. What about hand-harming external factors? UV radiation, frost and sudden temperature changes. Chlorinated water may leave the skin hand irritated, too.

What’s the right hand care like?

You must know that hand skin is almost free from sebum glands which makes it so fragile, sensitive and prone to damage. Luckily, we can provide it with protection. How? Use hydrating products, replace regular soap with the nutrient-rich one, wear gloves in winter. Your cosmetics should include, among others, urea, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, collagen and lanolin. Apply creams before every winter walk, after a hot shower or long bath.

Useful hand skin treatments

If you want a professional treatment, visit an aesthetic medicine salon. Needle mesotherapy or injections may turn out to be effective. Hyaluronic acid injections smooth wrinkles, brighten pigmentation spots, leave the skin tight, radiant and hydrated. Wrinkle fillers contain mixtures of amino acids, antioxidants and minerals. Their skin benefits are priceless.

What are your winter and autumn hand skin care techniques, girls?

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