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Which Brow Lamination Kit To Choose? My Beauty Ranking

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Today I’m here with a new post I hope you’ll enjoy. I’m sure you’ve heard about the brow lamination treatment, but did you know that now you can also laminate your eyebrows at home? Seriously, it’s easier than you think! All you need is a good brow lamination kit for home use, which contains all the necessary brow-styling tools you’ll need for the treatment.

Although I’ve already done plenty of brow lamination treatments at home, it took me ages to find a good brow lift and lamination kit that would work best for me. Today I have prepared a beauty ranking of the 5 most recommended kits for long-lasting brow lamination at home, which worked for me and delivered great results.

Eyebrow lamination – who is it for?

Eyebrow lamination is a beauty treatment that makes eyebrows look just dreamy! Literally 🙂 They are naturally shiny, beautifully brushed up, nourished, and moisturized. Thanks to brow lamination, my unruly eyebrows are finally tamed and shaped the way I want, and I don’t have to worry about their look for up to 6 weeks. The brow lamination treatment is perfect for anyone who wants their eyebrows to look elegant, polished, stylish, and have that trendy shiny finish. Now I no longer have to style my eyebrows daily, because following brow lamination they look elegant and wonderful. The treatment is painless, non-invasive, and harmless to the skin. It can be performed regardless of age or gender. So dear ladies – why don’t you recommend the brow lamination treatment to your man? 😉

How do the eyebrows look following the lamination treatment?

They look wonderfully lifted, and beautifully styled, fuller, and the gaps and sparse areas become almost invisible. Finally, my eyebrows look tidy, polished, and simply lovely. In my opinion, there is no beautiful makeup without well-groomed eyebrows. Apart from that, following the treatment, eyebrows become much easier to style, and the brow lamination works well with tinting if you need it. I just brush through my brows with a spoolie and I’m good to go 🙂

But let’s get to the point…which brow lamination kit to choose for home use? Check out my beauty ranking and choose a kit for long-lasting brow lift you like the most:)


Number #1 Nanobrow Lamination Kit for laminating eyebrows at home

nanobrow lamination kit

MY RATING: 10/10

I have to admit that I liked this brow lamination kit the most. It’s extremely practical and contains all the necessary tools and solutions to do your own brow lamination treatment at home. And you can be sure that the treatment will always go smoothly! I found this lamination kit at a very attractive price on I’m sure the brow lift and lamination kit from Nanobrow is also available in Sephora. Make sure to check it out and let me know 🙂

Nanobrow Lamination Kit comes with detailed instructions for use, labeled bottles, a set of mini applicators, brushes, and everything to facilitate brow lamination treatment at home. It is ideal for both professional beauty salons and home use. My friend owns a beauty salon and successfully uses this lamination kit on her clients – they are always delighted.

Eyebrow lamination with the Nanobrow brow lift kit is easy and fun. Just follow the producer’s instructions and everything is sure to work out just great 😉 The Nanobrow brow lift and lamination kit allows you to easily and quickly style even the most unruly eyebrows for up to 6 weeks, depending on the susceptibility and thickness of brow hairs. For me, the lamination treatment easily lasts for 1.5 months 🙂 During this time, I no longer have to worry about the look of my eyebrows at all. I know that they look perfectly shaped, shiny, and elegant. Besides, I believe that there are no more beautiful eyebrows than healthy ones, and following the brow lamination treatment, the brows look properly moisturized and regenerated… simply stunning!

Nanobrow Lamination Kit for at-home brow lamination contains properly selected ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin, precisely developed formulas, excellent results, and, of course, great consumer reviews, which also guided me in choosing this brow lamination kit. The Nanobrow brow-styling kit lasts for 10 individual lamination treatments, which ensures… many months of perfectly styled eyebrows. Definitely recommended!!!

Number #2 Sassy Saints Brow Lamination Kit for brow lift at home

MY RATING: 9.2/10

Full and feathery brows are in, so if you like ‘fluffy brows’, brow lamination will work perfectly for you 🙂 I, for one, love the effect of lifted and feathery brows, so I often go for the lamination treatment. I found this long-lasting brow lift kit at an affordable price in one of the online beauty stores, so check where it is available and try it out 🙂

This kit for at-home brow lamination contains several items: eyebrow glue, laminating solution, conditioning serum, and all the brushes and applicators. The key element of this brow lamination kit is, of course, the glue that holds the eyebrows in the desired position. The laminating solution, on the other hand, works on the eyebrow hairs, making them softer and nourished for a healthy, natural look. In my opinion, it really works 🙂 Of course, remember that the results depend on the susceptibility of your eyebrows, so the kit may not always work the same.

The effect of eyebrow lamination with the lift kit lasts for a good 5 weeks. This eyebrow lamination kit for home use provides me with shaped and voluminous eyebrows, so I don’t have to style them at all during this time. This is a good option for any woman who wants a natural and full brow look. Eyebrow lamination with this lift kit is really easy, and you will learn everything from the detailed instructions 🙂

Personally, I don’t like wasting money on eyebrow lamination at a professional salon, and with this eyebrow lamination kit for home use, I can save both time and money. One brow lift kit is enough for 6 treatments so it’s worth it. However, if you are looking for a more efficient kit for long-lasting eyebrow lamination, I recommend the kit above 😉

Number #3 Thuya Box at-home brow lamination kit


Have you heard of this wonder-worker? 🙂 This eyebrow styling kit works without glue. It can tame unruly eyebrows for weeks. It’s the perfect eyebrow lamination kit for women whose eyebrows grow in the wrong direction which does not look good at all. The solutions included in the kit make the eyebrows softer and provide them with their natural beauty and health. I found it at a good price at an online beauty store.

This kit for brow lamination at home includes sachets of gel and neutralizer, brow tint, activator cream, a small glass for mixing the tint, a brush, and even a makeup remover… Interesting. However, the eyebrow lamination treatment with this kit is not as comfortable as with the Nanobrow Lamination Kit. I think it’s unbeatable 🙂

The gel included in this eyebrow lamination kit is used to change the natural direction of hair growth. It dissolves the keratin bonds so that we can give our eyebrows the desired shape. The kit also includes a product that preps brow hairs before the eyebrow lamination treatment, opens the hair cuticles, and makes the job much easier. This brow lift kit also includes micellar water with turmeric which is rich in antioxidants that brighten blemishes and regulate sebum production. It works great before the treatment liquid as it prepares brow hairs for styling.

Eyebrow lamination with this kit was not the easiest. However, a big plus for the well-selected ingredients. However, this at-home brow lamination kit really works, so you can try it out for yourself. It’s safe for sensitive skin, however, I recommend doing a patch test just before you start the treatment 🙂

Number #4 RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit

MY RATING: 7.6/10

This is an affordable at-home brow lamination kit 🙂 It allows you to do a dozen individual treatments, so that’s a big plus. In addition, it ensures eyebrow styling is not difficult and does not require any specialized knowledge. Eyebrow lamination with this brow lift kit provides more defined and lifted eyebrows, giving them a fuller look – just the way I like it! The eyebrow lamination treatment may not appeal to some of you. Maybe not everyone fancies the glossy finish. For me, however, it’s sensational, so you have to make sure the treatment is tailored to your needs;)

The at-home brow lamination kit contains keratin, which additionally strengthens and nourishes the eyebrows. You can see immediately that they look healthier and are properly moisturized. The effect of perfectly defined and lifted eyebrows lasts about 4 weeks. Unfortunately, this effect is shorter than its predecessors, but maybe it will last even longer in some cases 🙂 This brow lift kit for long-lasting lamination proves a good way to style even very unmanageable eyebrows which are impossible to shape well.

This innovative brow lift and lamination kit, of course, contains all the necessary solutions and accessories to make it easier to perform brow lamination by yourself at home. The box includes detailed instructions for use, so there is no need to explain how exactly it works. You can manage it for sure 😉

What draws the attention here? I really like the packaging of this eyebrow lamination kit 🙂 I think it encourages you to try it out. The box is stylish, modern, and eco-friendly as it’s recyclable. I’m obsessed with it and I’m a huge fan of eco-friendly solutions, so if that’s equally important to you, this brow lift kit will appeal to you too, at least visually. However, it’s not all about the packaging though. In my opinion, eyebrow lamination with this brow-styling kit is not as impressive as its predecessors. However, it is still worth a try 🙂

Number #5 Noble Lashes Brow Lamination kit for at-home brow lamination

MY RATING: 6.5/10

This brow lamination kit comes at quite a high price considering its quality, but it worked well on my eyebrows. This brow lift and lamination kit contains everything you need to perform the treatment by yourself. After using the products, the eyebrows become more flexible, stronger, and more susceptible to eyebrow lamination treatment. In addition, the eyebrows receive a lot of nourishment, so they look beautiful even without makeup 🙂

This brow lift and lamination kit made my arches look regenerated and nourished. However, on my eyebrows, the lamination didn’t last even a month… I think that in this matter, this eyebrow lamination kit is much weaker than its predecessors. However, it is easy to use and works decently. This brow-styling kit is nothing special though. You can definitely find a better one at this price, but if you want, give it a go 🙂 As I mentioned, it all depends on your individual needs and preferences.

The kit for long-lasting eyebrow lamination at home is effective and looks luxurious. Once again it turned out that it’s the inside that counts 😉 Nevertheless, following the treatment, eyebrows look stylish and they are visibly nourished and lifted. Pampered eyebrows should not require sacrifices and a huge amount of time. Styling eyebrows with this brow lift kit is easy and does not require any special skills.

This brow lamination kit for home use is simply a good product. However, I advise doing a patch test before laminating your eyebrows, as I have heard consumers complain about allergic reactions. You’ll have to see for yourself. For me, this brow lift kit worked quite decently. I was expecting something more though. The good thing is that at this price there are better brow lamination kits for home use, worth investing in 🙂

Is it worth it to try DIY eyebrow lamination?

Ladies! The eyebrow lamination treatment sets the eyebrows in one direction for up to 6 weeks. It’s a great option if you are tired of styling your eyebrows every day, which may prove quite a challenge 😉 The brow lamination treatment has many benefits:

  1. Makes daily brow styling easier – following brow lamination, the eyebrows become more flexible, moisturized, and much more prone to styling. See for yourself!
  2. Gives extra volume – eyebrow lamination definitely increases the volume of the eyebrows and lifts them to the maximum, which is especially beneficial for owners of sparse, thin, or unruly eyebrows.
  3. Improves the look of the eyebrows – eyebrow lamination significantly improves your brow look, as it makes the eyebrows smoother and shiny following the treatment.
  4. It is long-lasting – the effects of eyebrow lamination last up to 6 weeks, so you don’t need to use any other brow styling products at all.

Remember that brow lamination is a beauty treatment that comes with certain drawbacks just like any other. If you are prone to skin irritation or allergic reactions, then unfortunately you should not perform the treatment. Always perform a patch test before the treatment to be 100% sure that the product is safe for your skin. Eyebrow lamination ensures bushy and brushed-up eyebrows which may not appeal to some women. As long as the treatment is tailored to your own preferences, you’ll be OK! 😉

A good eyebrow lamination kit makes your brows look defined, moisturized, and easier to style. Make sure you make a good choice for you based on your needs. I hope I’ve made this task at least a little easier and you are willing to try to laminate your eyebrows at home. I for one can’t imagine life without this treatment! 🙂 By laminating my eyebrows myself, I saved a lot of time and money, and my eyebrows look stylish and elegant.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog <3 Leave a comment below and let me know if you liked the post and would like to check out more of my beauty recommendations. Kisses!

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