What do I do to make my hair continuously moistened?

Hi girls!

Dry, matte and rough hair isn’t fun. Unfortunately, for the last few months I had to wear such hair and I couldn’t cope with it anyhow. However, since I started putting into practice a few simple ideas, my hairdo has become beautiful again and the scalp is finally healthy. Therefore, today I’m going to share with you my favourite scalp care methods.

Firstly: protection and oils

Remember about the constant protection against the sun and about replenishing hair with water using cosmetic oils. UV radiation dehydrates strands and the scalp as it makes the natural colour of hair fade away faster. What should we do to block this destructive action of the sunlight? The answer is simple. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of honey with a leave-on conditioner. This sweet substance will protect your hair and supply the strands with many nourishing elements. Also, you can use a regular cosmetic including sunscreen.

Cosmetic oils play similar role as their action is alike. However, they have way more features. Namely, they work inside the hair and on its surface. Such products moisturize, nourish and strengthen both the scalp and strands. Moreover, cosmetic oils smooth, deliver gloss and tames unruly hair. Therefore, if your strands are dry and damaged, give a try to avocado oil or castor oil. They should do wonders with your hair.

Secondly: water and care

In order to take care of dry hair, hydrate your organism from the inside. In general, one litre of fresh water per day should do. Thanks to this, the condition of your scalp and strands will improve significantly. Also, your body skin will take benefit from this. The wrinkles become less visible as skin will become firm and smooth. Thanks to drinking fresh water you will feel prettier and healthier.

During you sleeping, you also need to think about the hair. In order not to make the strands dry and weak, tie them in a plate or put on a special cup. Changing bedsheets into the ones made of cotton is also a good way to improve the condition of your hair. Throughout a day, try not to touch the scalp and hair. Otherwise, the scalp will become too greasy and the constant touching will encourage hair to fall out.

Thirdly: cosmetics

If your hair is dehydrated and falls out then try to rescue the strands using cosmetic bought in a drug store or make your own at home. Mix distilled water, aloe juice, your favourite cosmetic oil and glycerine. This mixture will deliver moisture and nourish hair fast. Very good effects are also delivered thanks to the regular use of cosmetic butters. You can choose among Shea butter, karite butter, cupuacu butter and many, many more. Don’t forget about intensively regenerating leave-in conditioners.

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