Summer cosmetic novelties. What’s worth trying out?

Cosmetic brands are preparing quite a treat for us this summer. Indeed, we have plenty to choose from and this includes both make-up items as well as fragrances. Today, I’m going to present you something that will sweep you off your feet, surely. The products are arranged randomly.

1. Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick

Lips that look as if they have just taken a bath? So wet and so glossy that they catch attention of all the people spending time with you at the beach? Indeed, not without a reason Urban Decay named its liquid lipsticks latex – when applied to the lips, they look as if you covered them with a layer of a colour polish of a vivid shade. The colours are diversified which means that the collection contains romantic and pearl shades, going through delicate coffee browns and coral, reaching the shades of dry wine and deep purple. The ultimate hit is Melted Latex Liquified of the charming name Unicorn Tears. It’s an opalescent, exceptionally light colour which is ablaze with colour like a hologram. It can be worn as a single product but you can also combine it with any colour that comes to your mind.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

There has been no palette like this before. It’s perfect for the summer, nicely pigmented and exceptional when it comes to the selection of shades. Aurora Glow Kit is 6 high class eye shadows which are interesting when it comes to the colours which consistency is superb. The eye shadows don’t flake off, are long-lasting and at the same time kept in delicate as a cloud, sparkling and opalescent shades of blue, gold, pistachio, copper and ashy grey-and-beige colours. The entire set is accompanied by a pearl aubergine shadow. Thanks to it, we will be able to transform our summer make-up into evening one. Believe me, Aurora Glow Kit is an absolute must have of the season!

3. Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil Rollerball

Cream or oil perfumes aren’t that unusual any longer. Such products were used by our grandmothers, weren’t they? Nowadays, Hindu woman use cream perfumes as often as the traditional ones. Go Naked Perfume Oil Rollerball, Urban Decay perfume is a new form of fragrances that pose a comeback to the form which is slowly going out with the window. This roll-on perfume has a dense formula which makes its aroma intensified; this translates into the extended lifespan of the product. Simply, oil poses a perfect base fixing the fragrance with the skin. Go Naked Perfume Oil resembles vacation, so it smells flowery and subtle. It’s a blend of a bergamot flower with orange flower and lavender. Moreover, Go Naked Perfume Oil is durable and efficient. This oily fragrance doesn’t irritate skin and doesn’t cause discolorations when exposed to the sun as it was typical for the traditional ones. I recommend you this product 😉

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