Splitting & Brittle Nails. How to Heal them with Home Remedies?

Hey, girls!

Split nails are the bane of many of us. Where does the problem come from? How can we do away with this bothersome problem? What is going to make your nails strong and healthy again? In today’s post, I’m trying to answer all the questions 🙂

Why do nails split? There may be a few causes. The most common ones include:

  • the deficit of vitamin A and E e.g. due to poor diet
  • using strong nail polish removers too often
  • using metal nail files
  • too much water and detergent use
  • not giving nails and hands enough moisture

So, if you want to keep your nails healthy, follow a few rules:

  • eat a diet rich in vitamins and elements
  • use an acetone-free remover
  • wear rubber gloves while doing the house cleaning
  • apply a hand lotion after every contact with water

You can handle nail splitting using some home remedies. I’ve rounded up a few tried and tested, at-home nail repair treatments which are going to enhance your nails.

Castor Oil Nail Treatment

Rub castor oil on the nail plate and skin around the nails. Repeat the treatment twice a day.

Argan Oil Nail Treatment

You can use it like the castor oil, rubbing twice a day on the nails and skin. Still, you make the most of the treatment if you add a few drops of lemon essential oil. You massage the mixture into the skin of hands, put cotton gloves on and leave in for the night.

Olive Oil & Vitamin Nail Bath

In a water bath, warm up a half-glass of olive oil. Add a few drops of vitamin E and soak your hands in for twenty minutes. Next, wipe the excess of olive oil off with a towel. The bath works wonders for dehydrated and irritated hand skin.

Eventually, something super effective – Nail Enhancing Serum

For making the serum, you need ten spoons of sweet almond oil and three drops of rosemary oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil and eucalyptus oil. Pour the mixture into a dark glass bottle. Rub into nails and skin twice a day. Argan oil doesn’t just repair and reinforce your nails. It moisturises and rejuvenates the hand skin, too 🙂

Each of the treatments, used regularly for two weeks, should hugely enhance your nails. If you have a problem with split nails, I encourage you to try one of the home treatments!

Let me know which ones helped you 🙂

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