Sniff, sniff! A few words about fragrances

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If you like scents, gloss phials, fruit and flowery aromas, then let me encourage you to read the following article. Today, I’m going to share my thoughts concerning perfumes and the art of choosing them. Maybe most of you find this aspect far from being important, but matching a fragrance with pH of skin is a tough nut to crack; without mentioning matching them with a personality, a season and an event. I really hope that this post will shed a light onto the subject of fragrances and everything that is connected with it.

We’re going to do shopping…

… but before we leave home, we have applied our favourite perfumes. Wrong! While going to a store with buying a new fragrance in mind, we can’t be accompanied with the scent of another product. Our sense of smell can’t be overburdened with additional fragrance notes. At a perfumery’s, there are sets of fragrance tester strips. Thanks to them, we don’t have to apply all the fragrances we are interested in onto ourselves. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use them! After all, these pieces of paper are there to help you make up your mind. Another piece of advice, before you start smelling a new fragrance, wait a while. Give alcohol time to evaporate, leaving the fragrance tester strip with pure smell of fruit or flowers. Finally, when you start feeling a little bit dizzy, reach for coffee! Obviously, don’t drink it but smell fresh coffee grains. This swift and evident change of aromas will help your nose to choose the right fragrance.

I store my perfumes…

… on my bedroom’s dressing table. You would ask “Why not in a bathroom?” Well, under the influence of high temperature (blow-drying, hot bath) and high humidity any perfume loses its strength, fragrance notes fade away, and all that we are left with is alcohol only. Moreover, glass phials will look great placed on a dressing table or a chest of drawers. Anyway, remember that perfumes shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight. Having a designer’s perfume bottles, you can expose them to make your bedroom look prettier. Put the phials on a metal tray, dot some colourful beds or stones around, and add some flower petals.

Sniff… sniff…

Proper application of perfumes is important. To make the aroma linger on your skin longer, apply it to the following body parts: wrists, behind ear area and cleavage. Also, it’s worth realizing that perfumes stay long on hair. If you want to ‘bring out’ the fragrance, buy a body balm deprived of any aromas. The smell of the perfumes will be intensified thanks to petroleum jelly or jojoba oil when applied to skin, obviously. The last piece of advice for you, don’t stick to just one perfume. Instead, try to use at least a few fragrances that you match with an event, season and outfit.

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