Reliable Review: Nanobrow Eyebrow Treatment

I already mentioned receiving Nanobrow eyebrow serum as a birthday gift. The giver knew well that I had serious objections to my brows. I was ok with the thickness but there were spots where I had just two thin hairs out there 😉 A volume and growth boost was what I’d been looking for. My attempts to achieve the goal used to be… unprofessional (castor oil – no effect; other natural oils, nettle and horsetail – zero effect; natural brow pomades, treatments, butters, keratin ampoules recommended by bloggers – no results). After giving the weird remedies a try, I drew a conclusion – there was nothing that could fix my brows. The conclusion turned out to be wrong. Nanobrow brought fresh hope. It is the first serum which made it. Enjoy the review!

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – description, effect, ingredients

Nanobrow serum has a stunning design and you instantly see that a professional made it, paying attention to every single detail. Nanobrow has a standard size similar to other serums (5 ml) and a tiny applicator with a soft spongy tip – exactly the same as in lip glosses.

It is applied to the browridge. Once a day. Firstly, it took some time but now I use one quick stroke moving from the head to the tail of the brow (towards the temples).

The manufacturer recommends using it every day for several weeks. Many girls boast about the visible growth after just 4 weeks but it is usually normal that it takes from 6 to 8 weeks – as long as the growth cycle lasts. Everything depends on the growth phase that your brows are currently in.

Brief summary of ingredients as this serum hands down has the best ones on the market in my opinion. For example, it has a set of natural highest-quality brow-beautifying and strengthening substances, including soybean extract which is swarming with proteins, sugars, saponin and isoflavones (which trigger production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid), wheat sprout extract: irreplaceable brow-repairing conditioner, soothing panthenol, moisturising propanediol, ginseng root extract abounding in unique substances and long known for active ginsenosides and vitamins A, B1, B2, C. Ginseng is also a leading ‘vitamin supplier’. Thanks to that, Nanobrow Serum brims with calcium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium. Marvelous!

Nanobrow – effect on my eyebrows

My brows are quite stubborn 😀 so I wasn’t sure if they grew at all. Nothing used to work. Luckily, Nanobrow made me see the difference at week 5 or 6. My brows got darker and the brow line became fuller-looking – I finally saw tiny hairs regrowing.

After around 8 weeks, my eyebrows still have a nice dark shade. What’s more, I still see new brows growing out where there used to be just bald spots (beauticians used to be broken down when I had my brows tinted). Besides dark brows which are firmly rooted in the follicles, I can see fair-colored tiny (brand new :D) brows and I hope they will get darker soon. Owing to Nanobrow, I got a chance for thick full flawless eyebrows.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – price

When it comes to the efficiency, I opened my Nanobrow over two months ago and there’s no sign of getting close to the bottom. I don’t have to scratch the bottom of the bottle to get some serum 😀 I guess I’ll be able to keep using the same tube for some time. It lasts really long and the price seems so fair considering the quality and results.

Why I recommend Nanobrow?

It might sound like exaggeration. Nanobrow, you’re simply the best, better than all the rest… 🙂

As already mentioned, no other product managed to improve the condition or the appearance of my brows. To me, it is the only effective eyebrow treatment so I almost feel obliged to recommend Nanobrow to all of you who have thinning brows. And to those who need to slightly nourish and strengthen their eyebrows.

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