Relax & Repair – Hair Steaming

Hello, girls!

Yesterday I tested an exceptionally pleasurable hair treatment – hair steaming. My friend told me about it a long time ago. She has it done every time she bleaches her hair. I finally got round to it and simply must share my impressions.

What is a hair steamer?

The hair steamer is like a large hair dryer. There’s a container with water at the back. After heating up, the water turns into steam, gently warming the hair and opening cuticle scales. It lets all nutrients penetrate your hair deeply (no worries about getting burnt, the steam is mild – e.g. like the one in facial treatments). The hair steaming is made for all hair types but it brings best results if your hair’s dry, damaged and brittle.

That’s what it looked like: a hairdresser washed my hair, applied a mask and pinned the strands up (so that they stay under the steamer). Then, all I felt was a nice warmth and a stunning fragrance of the mask 🙂 After 20 minutes, the hairdresser rinsed the product out with warm and next lukewarm water. The cooler water is obviously for closing the scales and smoothing the hair surface. The blow-drying and styling were the final steps 🙂

Hair Steaming – Effects

Supposedly, you need 4-5 treatments done once a week for best results. The steamer left my hair wonderfully supple, shiny and smooth – just like the hair oil treatment I do. Hair steaming is a truly pleasurable and relaxing treatment. It would be awesome to have this device at home 🙂 I would use it together with a hair oil. But going to a hair salon every week? Hmm… It’s surely going to help if your hair’s very dry and overprocessed. For me, it’s a nice extra thing e.g. after having my hair colored.

Do you use hair steaming? What are your impressions? Share them in comments 🙂 Take care!

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