Nutri Clinic, Collagen – a few words on powdered collagen

I learnt about collagen products from my mum who, as befits a mature woman, more and more often looks for a various youth elixirs. She still hopes that she will manage to find this happy medium to everlasting youth. In my view, something like that doesn’t exist which doesn’t mean that I don’t try out the products my mum comes across while browsing the Internet.

Recently she ordered COLLAGEN by Nutri Clinic.

Of course, I’m going to review the product but let me start from the simplest things. What’s collagen? According to the definition, collagen it’s mainly a protein that is resistant to stretch. In plain English, it’s the most important building block of our skin. If our dermis lacks it, the skin becomes covered with wrinkles, flabbiness follows and so on, and so forth.

No wonder why my mum came to a conclusion that collagen substitution is essential and that she must reach for powdered collagen. In my opinion, it would be easier to take pills with collagen because this loose and bland form of collagen from Nutri Clinic doesn’t speak to me at all. This powder has to be added to cocktails, yoghurts or drinks which would be troublesome to me. I’d rather swallow a pill and get it over with.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

How does Nutri Clinic Collagen work?

In line with what the producer promises, the product is supposed to supply an organism with all the essential substances to regenerate collagen fibres of our skin successfully. Thanks to this it:

  • strengthens fingernails, hair and skin,
  • slows down skin ageing processes,
  • reduces signs of skin fatigue,
  • poses a natural barrier against the sun,
  • accelerates growth of eyelashes and hair,
  • counteracts hair loss

so theoretically it does what we expect a product to do when it comes to taking care of our beauty. However, is powdery collagen effective in practice?

My mum claims that this product is effective, however, I’m rather sceptical about that. This can be just the placebo effect because she has read so many oohs and achs about the product so I bet she unknowingly considers it as the best.

In my opinion, this product doesn’t produce any considerable effects. Regular cosmetics that contain collagen and the ones which reach the very problematic body parts work way better. I used to add this powdered collagen to almost every meal I ate in the recommended portions and I noticed no improvements despite using Nutri Clinic Collagen religiously for a few weeks. Better outcomes are delivered by oil hair treatment or application of oils directly to skin. For me it’s just waste of money but if somebody wants to, let them eat powdered collagen and hope this treatment will bring the looked-for effects out.

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