My ideas for soft and smooth lips

The skin on our lips is very thin and delicate. It has few sebaceous glands and lacks melanin and sweat glands. For this reason, out lips are not naturally protected from solar radiation, easily get dried and chapped. When your lips are dry, they lose volume and firmness, they become pale, the lip contours blur so that it becomes hard to distinguish the lips from the skin. If you want to improve the condition of your lips, check my remedies. Read and enjoy!

How to improve your lip shape?

You can easily improve the lip contour with the use of a properly selected lipstick which, depending on the method of application, will visually enlarge the lips, improve their proportions or even lift the drooping mouth corners.

In order to optically enlarge narrow lips, reach for the lip liner one tone lighter that the colour of your lips. Also, draw the line just above the lip line, then gently blur the contours inwards. Then, cover your lips with a light lipstick – I recommend nude or pale pink. If you want to highlight your lips, apply some lip gloss to the middle of your lips.

If you think that your lips are disproportionate, first apply a bit of foundation in the shade of your skin. After that, with the use of nude pencil outline the narrower lip just above the natural line, do the same with the wider lip but draw the lines from the inside. Then, apply lipstick adding the lip gloss in the middle.

Are drooping mouth corners your problem? No wonder that you want to cover them somehow because they give your face a sad expression. To lift them, apply concealer to the corners and powder them afterwards. Once done, highlight the lip contour with a liner in a natural shade, then apply lipstick.

Which lip products do I recommend?

To keep the skin of your lips firm and delicate, you have to nourish and moisturise them. For this reason, as a part of your daily care routine, don’t forget to apply a good cream to your lips, whereas 2-3 times a week use a cosmetic rich in valuable ingredients. It can either be a regenerating or anti-wrinkle serum or face mask. Of course, it’s better to use cosmetics designed directly for the lips and the skin around. Why? Because of their consistency and composition. Lip care products usually have a light consistency that best meets the needs of thin and delicate skin. Also, their composition is rich in substances reducing wrinkles and moisturising the lips; those include oils, vitamin C and retinol. In order for the skin to better absorb these ingredients, you can exfoliate your lips before applying the creams and masks. In addition, it’s good to massage the lips with ice cubes to improve blood circulation.

My remedies for chapped lips

Unfortunately, chapped lips are not something that you can cover up with make-up because every lipstick will only highlight the dried skin. The good news is that I know a simple remedy for it – a scrub. Although there are some preparations designed for the lips, you might also use a delicate facial scrub, for example gommage. A variation involves the use of sugar – you just need to wet your finger with water and apply some sugar to your lips and massage them for a while. Sugar not only smooths the skin, but it also moisturises them and the massage itself improves blood circulation. After that, apply a lip balm with nutritional and moisturising properties. I recommend using a product with aloe and shea butter or some oils, it also must contain UV filter. Apply this balm several times a day. It is usually colourless, so you can apply coloured lipstick or lip gloss on it.

What are your ideas to make your lips smooth and soft? Which cosmetics do you use when you have chapped lips? How do you improve your lip shape? I am waiting for your opinions!

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