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Mascara That Breaks the Rules! Lashcode Review

Hello, ladies!

Get prepared for the review of a product that belongs to my cosmetic SUPER hits. If you’re still looking for a favourite mascara, you’re about to fall in love with Lashcode. If you already have a favourite, you’ll definitely love Lashcode as well 🙂 I am truly amazed by the product. It’s like there’s a huge gap between this mascara and all other mascaras. Lashcode is simply SENSATIONAL!


Let me explain… I value quality the most. I have really high expectations while choosing a mascara. There’s nothing worse than being in public places and wondering if other people see your mascara running down your face or leaving dark spots under your eyes…

great mascara Lashcode

Sadly I’ve been through such situations. I would leave the cinema with mascara smudges after a movie turned out to have a touching end (black tears…). Other time, during a wedding when the bride and groom uttered the vows, my face was ‘decorated’ with black smudges and lines. Panda effect? I wish… It was more like the zebra effect 🙂

I used to have mascaras that would leave my lashes sticking together, the ones that would ‘clump’ eyelashes instead of coating them or cosmetics that would reveal the dark side during makeup removal (no way to take mascara off without rubbing and pulling lashes out).

beautiful eyelashes with Lashcode
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Lashcode is different. It’s a mascara that ‘cares’ 🙂 It cares for everything. Coating my lashes, enhancing their looks, keeping them healthy, boosting growth, nourishing and regenerating, making sure every lash is covered with the mascara without smudges, clumps and unwanted surprises.

beautiful eyes with Lashcode

Lashcode mascara is really one of its kind. It doesn’t only deliver flawless makeup (one coating for beautifully extended and separated lashes) but also ensures brilliant nourishment and repair of every eyelash. Lashcode is composed of many lash conditioning and strengthening ingredients. You won’t get it in other mascaras.

The repairing and beautifying ingredients of Lashcode include soy sprout extract, wheat sprout extract, panthenol, Baicalin extract and irreplaceable vitamin E. Additionally, arginine that stimulates bulbs and boosts eyelash growth. Even though the repair and extension effects aren’t instant, I could see that Lashcode regenerated my weak lashes after about four weeks.

Lashcode Mascara – Effects on Eyelashes

They no longer fall out so it looks like they got an incredible volume boost – whenever I apply the mascara, I get a fan of lashes. I didn’t expect my own eyelashes would slightly grow thanks to such simple activity – mascara application. Surely, the effect is not as spectacular as the one guaranteed by eyelash growth serums but still… even a small change counts. That’s why my eye makeup is looking better week by week. My eyelashes look nicer and healthier. Lashcode is long-wear and I’m sure it won’t run or smudge my eyelids. Moreover, the wand spiral is just GREAT: it coats instead of smudging 🙂 This silicone brush has a perfect shape, picks up a precise dose of the mascara and evenly spreads the product on each and every lash. Thanks to this wand, I finally understood the meaning of ‘panoramic eyelash volume’. Lashcode equals breakthrough in eyelash makeup. I think you’ll get it when you try the mascara out. You won’t regret it 🙂 Such quality is worth every penny.

18 Comments “Mascara That Breaks the Rules! Lashcode Review”

  1. Dorky

    the best mascara I have ever had, srl

  2. Alexandra20

    It’s been a week or so since I’m the owner of lashcode and it’s really good but I think that you can find other equally good mascaras that cost as much

    • Sivri_H

      actually i had a few failures when it comes to mascaras that belong to so called ‘high self’ group, of course I haven’t used all of them, but a few of the popular brand’s mascaras truly disappointed me but Lashcode is very good.

  3. Hoga81

    WON-DER-FUL~! And that’s all I wanted to say

  4. Y111Y

    I can’t find it in a drugstore, which shop sells itr?

    • Patricia

      Probably this mascara is available online

  5. BetterKylie

    What does it mean that the mascara is long-lasting? To be honest, I’ve neved had a mascara that doesn’t flake off. Instead, I used only mascaras that ‘vanish’ throuighout a day. I’m searching for a mascara that looks good from the morning to the evening. Does anyone know if Lashcode is like that?

    • Sivri_H

      this is exactly how Lashcode works, you don’t have to touch it up evey few hours. Despite not being waterproof, it survives much. I sometimes wear makeup even for ten or more hours and its obvious that I have to apply extra layers of powder and lipstick, but I never had to correct eyelashes.

      • Kalina99

        True 🙂 it’s a pity that this brand doesn’t sell any product designed for eyebrows because teh one I use doesn’t want to stay long

  6. GenieInTheBottle

    My friend let me use Lashcode once and basically it’s ok but not ok enough to make me buy it for myself

  7. RedCadillac

    Does it really work like an eyelash serum?/ I’m asking because my eyelashes are weakened and I constantly forget to apply a serum

    • ViolettaVil

      I guess it serves me well. I ccan see that after a month I lose less lashes. I used to lose a few lashes everytime I wiped off my make-up

      • Rosee

        It’s probably due to the fact that Lashcode removal is trouble-free. I used to have fairly cool mascara by Maybelline but it took ages to get it removed, just as if it had been waterproof but it wasn’t

  8. Klaudiaoxy123

    can you recommend any waterproof mascara that doesn’t pull out half of the lashes at its removal?

  9. Sunny

    Lit packaging 🙂

  10. VengaGirl

    Beautifully separates eyelashes even if a few coats applied, the brush is simply superb!

    • BobbyPin

      I’ve read on some blog that the brush of this mascara is very good and I do really want to test this product however I’m a fan of classic brushes

  11. Evee

    At most I like that just one or two coats make lashes look thick and long and the entire effect is natural. Every extra coat delivers false eyelash effect but still they remain separeted. The best mascara featuring the best brush


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