Make-up brushes – how many do you really need?

Hi girls!

I know that many of you start your adventure with make-up (well, you know: ‘proper’ make-up, professional and precisely done) with the purchase of a whole range of brushes, which is usually quite a number. It’s a mistake. You’ll never use most of them. Which brushes do you really need? It turns out that there are literally only a few of them. Which, then?

5 most essential make-up brushes

1. Powder or kabuki brush

Here, of course, I guess no one is surprised. Large, dense, soft and fluffy brush – this is one of the most important brushes. It is used to apply powder or mineral foundation.

2. Basic eyehadow brush

Obviously, a brush used to apply eyeshadow is indispensable. However, if you do a very delicate make-up – you need nothing more than.. a finger:) Such application has many advantages: you can feel your own eyelid and how much of the product you apply on it. This allows you to precisely apply the right amount of the cosmetic.

3. Blending brush

If you already know how to play with colours and types of make-up – you cannot forget about this brush. The blending brush is the basis of a nice make-up. With it, you can make nice transitions between colours, blend the contours of the eyeshadows so that your make-up is very impressing.

4. Small angle brush

A small, flat brush that allows you to do ultra thin, professional lines – so thin that you can fill in your sparse eyebrows. You can also shape your eyebrows with this brush, fill in the contour and also make a precise line on the eyelid.

5. Angled Blush Brush

Make-up is something more than just eyeshadows. For me, it’s primarily contouring, bronzers and blushers, so ‘playing’ with light and shadows. That’s why the angled blush brush would be my second choice (after the powder brush). A thick and slightly flattened and angled brush is just perfect for professional face contouring. Each ‘part’ of the brush is different, i.e. the brittles on each side differ in shape, density, and the effect it gives. With it, you can apply the highlighter, blusher or bronzer – it all depends on the side of the brush you decide to choose this time 😉

Optional – flat foundation brush

This is certainly not a ‘must-have’ that you cannot live without. This brush is used to apply liquid products to ‘large surfaces’ – foundation on your face. However, it can be used for other liquid cosmetics, such as body highlighters or pearly bronzers to enhance your cleavage. But as I said, this is not a necessity. The foundation can just as well be applied with fingers or a sponge, the so-called beauty blender. I admit, however, that I willingly reach for this brush. My impression is that it provides a better integration of the foundation with the skin, distributes the product nicely and make it stay longer on your face.

Do you like my short ‘brush’ review? Do you think that it’s better to buy cheaper brushes and have more, or buy less but of a better quality and more expensive? A nearly existential question 😉 Let me know what you think. Hugs <3

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