L’Oréal Paris – Botanicals Fresh Care. New stuff in my hair care!

I’m a little skeptical when it comes to L’Oréal products because it was definitely more than once when they left my hair in ruins. However, it turns out that the brand has also cosmetics that I can recommend you with my clear conscience. I’m talking about Botanicals Fresh Care.

Do I care what I apply to my hair? Of course, I do! It’s been long since I’ve been doing my best to provide my hair with the effective care with using mainly natural products. Recently, L’Oreal Botanicals Fresh Care set has fallen into the hands of mine. The name of the cosmetics promises a lot which made me use them hoping to expose my hair to natural and intensive care.

Botanicals Fresh Care is three compositions:

The main ingredient: safflower

The set consists of three basic care products (shampoo, balm and hair mask) as well as one hair styling product all of which were designed for treating dry hair. If applied regularly, they are supposed to restore softness to hair, take care of the proper moisturisation as well as facilitate daily styling. The secret of this set is rich in nourishing fatty acids safflower.

The main ingredient: coriander (Chinese parsley)

This is also a set of care products like shampoo, balm, mask and liquid elixir. Coriander Strength Source was designed for weakened and delicate hair which needs reinforcement, regeneration and complete protection. These features of Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander are provided by the composition of natural substances, among which the most important is coriander, of course.

The main ingredient: geranium

The set of hair care products (shampoo, balm and hair mask) with an extra tonic which aim is to provide hair highlighting. The entire set is designed for hair that is deprived of shine as well as for dyed hair. Once treated with the products, strands become full of shine, velvet smooth and nourished. This outcome is owned to the geranium flower.

Why would I recommend Botanicals Fresh Care?

  • First and foremost, I have to tell you that Botanicals Fresh Care cosmetics are free from silicones, parabens and colorants. Chapeau bas to L’Oreal for natural ingredients that aren’t combined with the artificial additives.
  • I adore all the cosmetics of Botanicals Fresh Care because of their fresh, very flowery yet not intensive fragrances which linger on hair long. Ah!
  • It’s worth emphasizing that regardless of the product and the series of Botanicals Fresh Care cosmetics, all of them are easy to use. Hair balm works just after 2 minutes therefore you don’t waste much time. Hair care with the aid of the cosmetics is easy and fast.

Who would I recommend the cosmetics for?

Of course, mostly for people who like natural care and want to stay away from artificial products. In my view, these cosmetics aren’t suitable for people who look for intensive and clear regeneration. Indeed, Botanicals Fresh Care beautify and nourish hair but with no spectacular results.

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