Hygge-Inspired Lifestyle. Does It Work For Me?

Hi, girls! Today, the topic gets a bit serious but also practical.

Danish hygge philosophy of life is getting more popular thanks to one book. Voracious readers should go to a library whereas girls interested in beauty – stay and read on!

Hygge-Inspired Beauty Care

Hygge skin care should be nice and relaxing. It lets you soothe tired skin and relax your soul. How to take care of skin in hygge style? Following the philosophy, you use products with natural ingredients: plant extracts, minerals and nutrients. The formula and fragrance are as important. The consistency should be delicate, creamy and velvety. The aroma must be delicate and making you think of pleasant things. In other words, hygge skin care routine should lead you to the state of blissfulness.

Hygge-Inspired Make-Up

According to hygge philosophy, putting on make-up and beauty products we use should be the source of pleasure and good skin care. Natural appearance and cosmetics are crucial. HYgge make-up also allows for color on your cheeks and eyelids. It can be compared to nude make-up enriched with one color accent or to so-called no-make up make up.

Hygge-inspired sport

Physical activity – according to Danish hygge – should provide your body with pleasant stimuli. Sport isn’t regarded as effort, competition or losing weight. Hygge exercises include riding a bike, strolling or bathing in a lake. Don’t force yourself to exhaustive work-out or every-day gym. Spending at least an hour in the open air daily is enough. Your body is going to appreciate that.

And you, girls, how do you take care of your body and soul? 

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