How to treat skin around eyes? A few useful tricks


I bet you already know that skin around eyes is particularly susceptible to damages and negative impact of the external factors. It requires special conditioning techniques and constant care. Keep reading my entry to find out how to treat skin under eyes the right way.

How is eye skin area like?

Again, eye skin area is very sensitive, delicate and damage-prone. It gets dehydrated fast because it lacks sebaceous glands and is relatively thin (its thickness equals only 1 mm). Moreover, this part of the face is affected by wrinkles as the first one (crow’s feet). What might surprise you, the state of eye skin area is also affected by the food you consume, the lifestyle you lead, urban pollution and UV radiation. If you don’t know how to treat skin around eyes properly, you will notice swellings and dark circles fast enough.

Eye make-up removal

Precise make-up removal is very important. Every evening wipe off all colour cosmetics, apply a toner and replenish the skin with water. What would happen if you skip this stage of evening beauty routine? For example, the residues of cosmetics might penetrate to eyes and cause irritations or watery eyes, and, in extreme cases, even excessive eyelash loss. How to remove eye make-up properly? Surely, avoid strong rubbing. It would be better if you just press a cotton pad to your eye skin area and wait till all the cosmetics you have applied got wet and change their location from your face onto the pad. Of course, you need to damp the cotton pad with a delicate eye make-up remover, but that goes without saying, I guess.

Under eye cream

Moisturising eye skin area is regarded absolutely crucial. Thanks to this, you will remove wrinkles, replenish skin with moisture and protect it against the adverse action of factors originating from the external environment. Moreover, a decent under eye cream should feature hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamins A and C as well as oxygenating and highlighting substances. How to apply such products? Get just a small amount of the product from the packaging and apply it to the upper eyelids and to the area where you can sense eye socket bones. Use your fingertips to tap the cream giving at the same time massage to your skin. Thanks to this, you will improve blood circulation and reduce swellings.


You eye skin area is also affected by the lifestyle you lead. Therefore, if you work in front of the computer and artificial lightening, smoke or drink alcohol, have problems with sleeping or you fall asleep late at night, sagging and dark circles are inevitable. In order to prevent such skin imperfections to appear, do your best to sleep 8 hours, drink fresh water and apply creams featuring UV filters.

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