How to smell good the entire day? My ways for fresh and lasting fragrance

Skin features sweat glands that produce approximately one litre of perspiration per day. Contrary to all appearances, sweat is essential; it cools skin off and this counteracts body overheating. However, when the sweat is allowed to remain on the skin for a little bit too long, it causes unpleasant smell and discomfort that is strictly connected with it. Luckily, there are means to deal with this funky issue: shower gels, shower balms, deodorants, antiperspirants, either eau de toilette or eau de parfum, fragrance mists, cooling beauty products and hygienic body wipes. Do you know what should be done to make your hair smell wonderful, what fragrances should be worn by allergy sufferers and what smell should be worn to the beach? I’ll answer all these questions in my today’s entry. Enjoy!

Shower balm and gel

For morning routine, I recommend you using a shower gel or balm of fruit aroma, or with green tea notes that will help you wake up. As one of the least steps of your morning bath, I suggest you to keep pouring cool water all over your body for a few seconds at least – thanks to this you will help the outlets of sweat glands close. Once leaving the shower cabin, press a towel towards your body really gently; energetic rubbing will warm your skin up unnecessarily. Finally, apply a body balm of fresh aroma.

Deodorant covers up body odour

Before you make a decision whether to choose a deodorant or antiperspirant, first you must specify what effects you want to achieve. In short, if your aim is to camouflage body odour, reach for a deodorant, but if you want to limit sweating, buy an antiperspirant.

Deodorant has intensive smell and this is how it controls and blocks odour. It wasn’t that long ago when deodorants used to produce rather a short-lived effects but when cosmetic concerns started producing more fragranced deodorants the lifespan of this kind of products extended to 14 hours on average.

A preservative used in a regular deodorant is called ethanol and is known for causing skin irritations. Therefore, especially for allergy suffers there are products created where the alcohol is replaced with aldehydes; they are as effective as alcohol, yet they aren’t responsible for encouraging irritations.

Antiperspirant stops the perspiration

Antiperspirant slows down sweat production and neutralizes its funky smell created when the sweat is being broken down by bacteria. Moreover, antiperspirant either doesn’t smell at all or smells really delicately owing to which it doesn’t enter into conflict with perfumes.

A lot has been said about the harmful effects that antiperspirants bring about. These responsible for dilating the outlets of sweat glands aluminium salts, which antiperspirants contain, are said to be carcinogenic. Since the information hasn’t been scientifically proven yet, there is no need to bother about it. Nevertheless, probably aluminium salts will soon be replaced with some alternative substances of similar properties. Why? Cosmetic brands, especially those which constantly develop eco-friendly solutions, are conducting researches on equally effective substance that doesn’t arise any controversy.

Eau de toilette & eau de parfum

Now it’s time to discuss eau de toilette (contains 5-8% of odoriferous substances) and eau de parfum (8-15%). On hot days it’s better to resign from wearing perfumes (15-30%) because heat might intensify the aroma and makes it almost unbearable for the people around us. I advise you to make use of delicate flowery aromas and cool, refreshing and citrusy scents.

Apply eau de toilette to the body parts where the blood pulses: behind ears, between breasts, inner elbow and wrists. Then the fragrance will be long-wearing.

What’s worth realising, the fragrance of perfumes won’t last longer if you apply it in galore in the morning. Instead, get yourself a few cosmetics that belong to the same line. I’m talking here about shower gels, balms, deodorants and eau de toilette all sharing the same fragrance. When applied one after another, they will give you delicate and lasting aroma. If you use just eau de toilette alone, apply it in moderation; it’s better to spray your body with it every few hours rather than pour a half of the bottle over your skin at once.

Fragrance mist

Instead of eau de toilette, you can go for a fragrance mist that will replenish skin with water, balance pH, has delicate aroma and stays on skin for 2-3 hours.

Another workable solution is application of spray thermal water that doesn’t only provide refreshment but also supplies body with many precious minerals. Spray your face, neck, cleavage and hair roots with it. You can use a tissue to wipe the excess of thermal water after a few minutes, providing there is any.

Cooling beauty products

That’s quite an idea to deal with intense heat. In general, cooling beauty products contain menthol that leaves skin with this very pleasant cool feel. The drugstores mostly offer cooling balms, but you can also come across other products displaying similar features, and these are eyeshadows and blushers to name just a few.

How to make hair smell pleasant?

I’m sure most of you like it when a pleasant aroma wafts around the hair. With this end in view, spray your strands with eau de toilette, but only form time to time and in moderation. It must be realized that toilet water contains alcohol that dehydrates, therefore it’s better to replace it with a hair mist. Apart from helping hair smell good, it also shields against UV radiation and doesn’t leave hair clumpy. Basically, in the drugstores you can also find fragranced body and hair sprays.

Hygienic body wipes

They are irreparable while travelling or in other situation when the access to running water is limited. You can use them to wipe your entire body with, including face and hair. They make you feel fresh without leaving any sticky layers on skin. Most of hygienic body wipes are alcohol-free and are dampen with hydrating substances.

Apart from hygienic body wipes you can equip yourself with antiperspirant wipes that make skin clean and slow down the production of sweat. Naturally, I recommend to use them to armpits.

Fragrances for allergy sufferers

If you suffer form an allergy, go for light fragrances instead of choosing either fruity or flowery aromas that frequently cause acne. Naturally, if you know what triggers allergic reaction in you, just avoid the very substance. However, if you aren’t sure what makes your body react adversely, well, you’re left with this trial and error method. Spray a small amount of perfumes over a tiny and covered skin area, such as wrists or inner elbows. Keep observing the spot for 24 hours. If the perfumes don’t cause any irritations, you can buy them and use accordingly to their purpose.

Fragrance to wear to the beach

If you’re planning to spend time at the beach or in solarium, resign from eau de toilette, eau de parfum and deodorants. They contain aroma compounds that react with the sun and this leads to nasty aftermath that has the form of discolorations. If you use scented cosmetics no matter the weather or situation, choose the ones belonging to special conditioning lines – they don’t make skin sensitive to UV radiation.

What are your ways for smelling good for the entire day? Share your tricks for fresh and lasting fragrance.

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