How to match sunglasses to the face shape?

Summer is coming so no wonder why we consider sunglasses to be part and parcel of our holiday outfit. However, do you know how to match sunglasses so they suit you? It’s important because mismatched frames age us and deprive our face of the inborn charm.

Although I wear corrective lenses, my collection of sunglasses is very impressive. Once the summer begins, I put my regular glasses aside and start inserting contact lenses to go crazy at the swimming pool and other holiday places. Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time doing the ‘cleaning’. It turned out that the majority of the items I collected (sunglasses bought a long time ago) shouldn’t have occupied the space in my drawer at all. Why? Because it was quite recently that I’ve learnt which sunglasses suits my face.

Therefore, here is a brief guide for you 😉

How to match sunglasses to the face shape?

1. Define the shape of your face

Contrary to the common belief, defining the shape of your face isn’t that difficult. Just tie your hair in a ponytail and be sure that there are no flyaways. Your hair has to remain as close to the head as possible. Now, take a picture of your face frontal or just stand in front of the mirror, take a lipstick or a removable marker (a whiteboard marker) and outline the shape of your face. Take a look at the outline and try to answer the questions: Does it resemble a square or maybe a triangle? Maybe your face is more rectangular? Does it have a spiky chin? Match the shape of your face to one of the basic face types.

2. Choose the perfect sunglasses

Match your face to one of the following types and learn what kind of sunglasses frames suits you most. Enjoy!

– Round face:

In this case, definitely the most beneficial are models that create the illusion of oblong face. I recommend rectangular, thin frames with wide temples. The best will be sunglasses that are of dark shade or, so-called, mirror glasses.

– Square face:

You can make the shape of your face a little bit more delicate by wearing curved or round frames. Try to find either very thin frames or even sunglasses that don’t have any frames at all. Avoid angular frames. With a square face you are free to reach for retro sunglasses, which are cat-eye shaped, for example.

– Triangular face:

In here you should also do your best to make the sharp face contours smooth and to focus more attention to the eyes. I recommend the frames which are round, especially due to the fact that they are slowly becoming fashionable again. Again, cat-eye shaped frames will pass the exam here. Basically, sunglasses with clearly defined upper part of frames and no frames on the lower part will be also suitable.

– Oval face:

This is the most universal shape of face, considered by many as perfect. No wonder why almost all types of frames suit this type of face, however, I would avoid the glasses that are bigger than the outline of your eye area. In short, look for sunglasses that are a slightly wider than your face.

– Oblong face:

In order to make the face look a little bit shorter, and to even the proportions, it’s best to equip yourself with curved frames. Also, try to find frames with a short horizontal line. It will be beneficial for you to embed the glasses low in your nose. The last piece of advice, it will be better if the sunglasses aren’t bigger than your face, yet they can have high lenses.

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